Sad Status for WhatsApp

This post gives a huge number of sad status for WhatsApp to help you select the best Sad WhatsApp Status to put on your WhatsApp story.

Many people are expressing themselves through sad statuses on WhatsApp. In the past, before WhatsApp boomed, people had no platform to express their feelings. Now, WhatsApp is no longer used for communication only. Most of its users are now expressing their feelings through WhatsApp status.

There is nothing wrong with expressing sadness through WhatsApp. Even if you express these feelings, many people in the virtual world will cheer you up. The happiness and the sadness come and go. The most important thing is to prepare yourself for it.

Expressing your sad feelings by uploading the status on Whatsapp will help you release your pain, especially if there are no friends near you. WhatsApp can be the most appropriate solution to complain. If you are interested in uploading sad and upset WhatsApp stories, you can try some examples below.

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Sad status for WhatsApp about Love

sad status for whatsapp about love

Everyone wants their love relationship to be smooth, happy, and romantic. But the problem with a love relationship is it cannot be romantic all the time. Some fights always happen between couples. As a result, they become sad and search for Sad status for WhatsApp about love.

1. Giving all your love to someone who loves someone else is no different than hurting yourself.

2. I have failed to get your heart.

3. There's nothing else I can do if you want to leave me. Let the memories I keep tightly with the wound in my heart.

4. You once painted a rainbow in the sky for me, but you turned it back into a thundering flash of lightning.

5. Why did you have to come into my life if only to scratch the wound?

6. Don't always remember people who make you sad because it will make you stuck in that sadness for longer.

7. Do not use failures in past relationships as an excuse to reject the presence of a new person. Believe that everything has been planned by God as well as possible.'

8. I am grateful to God for bringing someone to make me smile. However, I forgot to ask God to give me someone to stay by my side.

9. I'm sorry for being too stupid for not understanding your wishes.

10. Waiting for something that is not certain is very tiring.

11. Believe that behind the problems, there will be happiness.

12. You will acknowledge my presence only after I'm not with you anymore.

13. Dear God, I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

14. It hurts so much when we love someone we can't be with.

15. I want you to know that  I miss you.

16. I'm not angry, just a little disappointed. Please give me some time to be myself.

17. These tears continue to flow as you leave.

18. Did you know that love makes you happier than just being together?

19. I will continue to love you in silence.

20. Maybe you don't know that leaving you was one of the hardest things I've ever experienced.

21. My heart is too fragile to be hurt. Don't ever come to me if only to hurt.

22. This failure taught me to be more careful, stronger, and more mature in acting.

23. If today is the last day I live, I hope tomorrow someone will tell you that I do love you.

24. I keep trying to let you go by learning to smile even though this heart really hurts.

25. It turns out that you are not the one who is insensitive to my feelings, but I expect too much from you.

26. Never cry over something that is over, but try to smile because it happened.

27. Sometimes there is a feeling that I don't deserve you, but on the other hand, I feel helpless without you.

28. If that time could be repeated, I would make our story more meaningful, and there would be no words to end.

29. When will you learn to respect me? When will you think that I am in your life?

30. To fall in love with you, I never hesitate. But, to confess to you, I always kept silent.

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Sad status for WhatsApp Left by Boyfriend

Sad status for WhatsApp about your boyfriend

31. Hopefully, I can be happy too. Like you are satisfied with someone else.

32. Thank you for leaving me. As a result, I am more successful now.

33. Your departure for me has an answer to all the questions that are in my head. I understand that I shouldn't have high expectations.

34. Rainbows don't always exist like in our relationship. At least we've done beautiful things, even though it's impossible to get back together.

35. Thank you for going from my life. Hopefully, we will be fine.

36. I want to make peace with everything. Let my life feel so beautiful.

37. Those who leave are not necessarily happy with their new choice.

38. I hope you turn to me for a moment and want me to hug you. But you kept going away, leaving me to freeze by myself.

39. I never want to forget you, But you forced me to forget you.

40. The tough day of my life was letting you go from my life.

Sad status for WhatsApp about Lies

Sad status for WhatsApp about Lies

41. You don't need to lie to me to make me sympathize. I execrate your lies.

42. I get done with your lies. I want to be happy once again.

43. Lying, you're good at it. Maybe you forgot that I'm good at pretending too.

44. Don't lie numerous times. There are times when opportunities don't come again and again for the same reason.

45. Let's tell the truth that you have lied to me. No problem, I already know. All I need is your confession.

46. Lying has become an addiction for you. You got addicted to lying to me. How simple it is to know it all from your eyes. Pathetic.

47. Sit next to me, to be honest. You don't love me anymore. It is painful for me. However, it hurts even more that I have been lied to by you so many times.

48. I'm not worried about our relationship. I want us to be happy and no more lies between us.

49. I'm not upset that you lied to me. I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.

50. Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his lie comes to a point where he cannot distinguish the truth within him. He loses all respect for himself and others.

Sad WhatsApp status for Ex

Sad WhatsApp status for Ex

Even if we are separated for so long, The memories with the ex are difficult to forget, especially the beautiful impressions that have existed. Here are some of the sad WhatsApp statuses for your Ex.

51. I don't want to act like a stranger because I still want to be with you.

52. Shut up for a second, honey. Try to remember me. If you could remember me without a burden, you still love me.

53. I still miss you even though we are no longer together anymore. I hope we can live again in the future with each other.

54. Nothing is okay after a fight. Moreover, there is a decision to leave. Everything should be fine soon.

55. Thank you for giving me time to be with you. I used to walk on the path of life by holding your hands, honey. Now I am walking alone forever.

56. I left, but that doesn't mean I don't love you anymore. I thought that the person I love is much happier with someone else.

57. You just erased me from your memory as comfortably as erasing my name in your phone contacts.
Unfortunately, now I can only see him via Instagram. With his new girlfriend.

58. Don't be so indifferent to me, honey. I want you to smile forever for me.

59. You always make false promises. I already know everything about you so go away from my life.

60. Not anger but disappointment. Maybe God has a beautiful way so I can breathe calmly.

More Sad status for WhatsApp

More sad status for WhatsApp

61. I don't understand what made you turn away from me. Maybe I lack a lot, or it's you who is ungrateful.

62. I hope one day you will know that I am the only one who is sincere to you.

63. There is a broken heart over distrust. I feel like I'm worried now. I want to stop everything with you.

64. You said to me earlier that you would never leave me. Now it hurts to see you with someone else.

65. I want you to be on the same path as me. But when I called you, you were turning away with new flowers.

66. Don't just make promises because I already know everything. You may go. Don't forget to take all that's left in the heart.

67. Whatever you did to me in the past, now I feel it is much better to leave you.

68. Some nights I burn in the fire of my thoughts.

69. I feel far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms.

70. Sometimes all you ever want is someone to want and need you as much as you want and need them.


WhatsApp, with its over 1.2 billion users, has become a powerful tool for communication, as well as for expressing emotions. People are no longer using WhatsApp for just chatting; they are now using it to share their feelings and thoughts. The best way to express your feelings is through a sad status on WhatsApp. Many people feel sad and lonely, so they look for a way to express their feelings. The saddening status for WhatsApp is the perfect way to do that.

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