Cyber Monday Cybersecurity Discounts

The modern world thrives on technology and connectivity. The internet has brought everyone closer together, and it gives us tons of benefits. Want to watch a movie? Find one on Netflix within seconds. Missing your friends and family? Video call them in an instant from anywhere in the world. Want to travel the world? Grab your laptop and work remotely. There is no doubt that the Internet has changed our lives for the better!

But, there’s a dark side to the internet as well. Unfortunately, cybercrime has been booming over the past few years. It has become especially frequent and more dangerous since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic which caused a huge increase in screen time all over the globe. Whether hackers are after your login credentials and personal information, or they want to destroy files on your device, you need to be aware of the dangers of the online world. The reality is that your life could be turned upside down at any point in time.

As scary as cybercrime might be, the good news is that you can prepare for it and protect yourself from it by investing in premium cybersecurity tools. The main factor that prevents people from using cybersecurity tools is their costs. That’s why you should take full advantage of this year’s Cyber Monday VPN deals and get some other cybersecurity tools too. Keep reading to find out which three cybersecurity tools you need to grab at a discount!

Always Use Premium Cybersecurity Tools

Before we get started on our top security tools though, we need to address the elephant in the room. Why should I be investing in premium cybersecurity tools in the first place? There are plenty of free cybersecurity tools available on the internet.

The answer is that you don’t want to be taking any shortcuts when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are cunning, and always developing new strategies to break into people’s devices and cause serious damage. Free cybersecurity tools simply don’t cut it when it comes to protection. On top of that, you’ll have to deal with ads, limited features, and performance issues too. At the end of the day, it’s always best to go for premium cybersecurity tools, so make the most of these Cyber Monday deals while you still can!

Antivirus Software

One of the biggest threats that our devices face every day is malicious software. Malware, as it’s more commonly known, exists in hundreds of different forms, but the most common types that you likely know of are viruses, spyware, and malware. Every single type of malware is dangerous, and should be treated seriously!

If you install premium antivirus software onto your device, you will be kept safe from any harmful software. Antivirus software will constantly scan your devices for viruses and other harmful software. If any software on your device is flagged, the antivirus software can take immediate action to remove it before it causes any serious damage. It’s like a watchdog that is always on duty and never sleeps.

Password Managers

Keeping your accounts secure is always crucial. Whether it’s your email, social media, or online banking profile. To keep your accounts secure, you need to make sure to use strong and unique passwords. Strong passwords are made up of random letters, numbers, and symbols that do not relate to any of your personal information — stop using your dog’s name as your password! If you, like many other internet users, use your personal information to create passwords, you’re putting yourself at risk. People use weak passwords because they’re easier to remember. Well, here’s the solution for you!

Premium password managers act as secure virtual vaults that will store your login credentials out of harm's way. The only way to get into this safe is by using a randomly generated master key. You’re the only one that has access to this master key, so as long as you keep it safe, you will always have access to any of your passwords.


The third and final cybersecurity tool that you need to have on your device is a virtual private network, which is more commonly referred to as a VPN. VPNs are crucial cybersecurity tools as they encrypt your internet connection, which allows you to browse the web anonymously. No one can see what you’re doing on your device, monitor your internet traffic, or keep track of your internet history.

VPNs also have secure global servers that you can connect to. Each global server on a VPN is situated in a different country or city around the world. Connecting to one of these servers will hide your device’s real IP address, and route your internet traffic through the server. This allows you to change your IP address and spoof your location. In doing so, you can bypass geo-blocking, unblock censored websites, find cheaper online subscriptions, and even get a hold of discounts on flights and accommodation.

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