How I passed the Microsoft AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals exam

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I am pleased to report that I just received my results and passed the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test, often known as the AZ-900 exam. I chose to change occupations and begin working in information technology, with the goal of eventually becoming a system administrator. Most organizations, however, would hire you as a tech agent aka helpdesk agent, provided you have some basic computer expertise, and the AZ-900 certification is an excellent place to start. Of course, there is the more technical AZ-104 test, which is undoubtedly Microsoft's most well-known certification for system administrators, but getting your head around Azure ideas may be difficult for those with no prior expertise. That is why Microsoft suggests first completing the AZ-900 Certification to understand the fundamentals of Azure before going on to the AZ-104 Exam.

The AZ-900 exam assesses your knowledge of popular Azure topics like as Azure cloud, Azure services, privacy, security, Identities and trust, and others.

You'll Need These Resources to Study Properly
Microsoft AZ-900 info page can be found here

Provides both free and paid study materials to help students understand the subjects included in the test. You must also register there in order to schedule your exam.

Practice sources:

AZ 900 Dumps found here on this website, a lot of free material and genuine questions obtained from different students' AZ-900 tests. This section is required before taking the test. No matter how well you understand the material, you must go through these practice questions at least 4 days before the test. Check out the forums as well; there are some nice responses and corrections to some of the problems there.

Why is this certification required?

As I previously said, if you want to start a career in IT or enter into the cloud realm but have no prior experience, the AZ-900 is a fantastic place to start. Also, if you are not a techie, such as a product owner or product manager, but want to become acquainted with the concepts of  Azure, this exam will undoubtedly help you understand Microsoft world and cloud concepts and provide you with a great overall knowledge without relying on techies.

How the exam is constructed

There are multiple-choice questions ,  Drag-and-drop questions and true/false statements The passing score is above 700.  According to Microsoft, there are a few questions for which no score is assigned and which are just included on the test for statistical reasons. There are around 60 questions in the test, and you have one hour to complete it.

The test is primarily built on three major areas that represent the majority of the exam: cloud principles, Azure architecture, Azure administration, and governance.

How do I register for the exam?

You may access the test page on Microsoft's exam website.
If you don't already have one, you must first create one. After that, you may schedule an exam and choose between a real venue in your own nation and an online test. Please keep in mind that the online exam has numerous criteria, therefore I chose to locate a test location in my city and simply get it over with. The test cost me $100 when I took it.

How to Learn

First, there is free and paid stuff on the microsoft az-900 page. There are also a lot of wonderful options for learning for free or at a low cost. If you want to pay a little fee and avoid enrolling in a $2,000 course, try YouTube or Udemy.

Unlike previous Microsoft examinations, there are no case studies or complicated scenarios to contend with; instead, you must answer 60 questions. Download the official Microsoft study guide to help you recall the key subjects and concepts.

Practice Is Required Prior to the Exam

This is arguably the most crucial portion of my post; you must complete as many questions and practice examinations as possible. Even if you didn't have time to study everything, you should devote at least 2-3 days before the test to practicing questions solely. Even if you are unfamiliar with the subject, you may learn from the questions and they may occur on the test.

As previously said, ExamDocs is an excellent source of free practice material.

Before and during the examination

When taking the physical test, you must bring two forms of identification. Remember that you have up to one day before the test to cancel or reschedule it. I brought my national identification card as well as my driver's license. Once you begin, you have one hour to complete the test. Don't be rushed or hurried. Allow yourself plenty of time. Spend as little time as possible on a question if you are unsure. Choose and answer the question, then mark it for revision if you have time at the conclusion of the test.

After you finish the test, wait a few hours and hopefully you will be able to login and check your score as well as receive your badge and certificate. Congratulations! Microsoft certifications are good for around two years, after which they must be renewed.

What comes next? So, if you're up for it, start studying for the AZ-104 Certification test! After that  you may easily get an entry-level position in IT, such as a junior system administrator or helpdesk representative.

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