Why You Should Work With Ukrainian Developers

Why You Should Work With Ukrainian Developers

Even before the recent military situation, Ukrainian developers had a worldwide reputation for being both a high-quality and cost-effective development resource. Though that sounds great, there can be barriers involved in finding and working with a good Ukrainian developer.

In this article, we explained the benefits of working with a Ukrainian developer and where you can find one to start working today.

Benefits of Working With A Ukrainian Developer

Ukrainian developers have been very popular in the freelancing world because they tend to have a competitive hourly rate but also produce high-quality development work.

In addition to the cost-effective nature, many Ukrainians also speak English well. If they don't speak it, they can at least understand English to a better extent than some of the other international developer hotspots who may have a harder time both speaking and grasping the English language.

The cost-effective nature of their work with the addition of the ease of communication has made Ukrainian developers very popular amongst those requiring freelance development assistance.

What To Be Aware of When Hiring A Ukrainian Developer

It's important to make sure that they have a track record of work they have completed demonstrating the skill set that you need in a developer.

It's also important that they are able to understand the task you need to be done. If there is poor communication between yourself and the developer, you increase the chance of an adverse outcome and you are unlikely to get the result you want, which could end up being a waste of money.

It may be worth paying a small amount of money for a sample task to be completed giving them the opportunity to both demonstrate their skill and the extent to which they understand your development instructions.

Though fraud is not a particular problem with Ukrainians, it's also important to protect yourself financially when dealing with an external developer. You may want to operate through an accredited marketplace so that funds are already transferred to the developer upon completion of the project.

How To Find A Good Ukrainian Developer

There are multiple different places you can go to find a good Ukrainian developer. Each of these options has positives and negatives and will be better suited to different people based on their individual requirements.

Freelancing Platform

Freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer can be a great place to find a freelance Ukrainian developer. These platforms allow any individual or agency to create their own profile and then tender and quote for job posts that are placed on the platform.

They also take care of payments and provide an escrow service so the money that you spend will not be released to the developer unless you grant permission for them to release it.

This protects you from poor coding work being done and not having any recourse to either get the work fixed or get a refund.

It is easy to find Ukrainian developers on these platforms by including the word “Ukrainian” in your search phrase. The location of the individual will also be prominent on their profile and you can filter the search results based on this.

The freelancing platforms also include a rating system so you can get an insight into how satisfied previous customers were, how many jobs they have done, and how many hours they have done for other people.

The only downside is that these platforms do take a commission, so the developer does not receive all of the money that you pay.

Development Agency

Another great way to find Ukrainian developers is to engage a development agency that utilizes Ukrainian staff. It may be a Ukrainian development agency or it could be an agency based in another country that uses development staff from Ukraine due to the wage savings they can achieve.

Giving you can get quality Ukrainian developers at a cheaper rate than you typically pay in the United States and other Western countries many agencies based in the USA outsource a lot of their work to Ukrainian developers.

Final Thoughts

If you have a development project or ongoing development need, then you should really consider using a Ukrainian developer. Ukrainian developers have a great reputation for both their skill and ability to communicate and understand the English language, making them great development partners.

The education system in Ukraine seems to produce developers with high-quality talent, but the economic situation in Ukraine means they are able to work for a lower rate whilst still maintaining a high quality of life.

Whether you find a Ukrainian developer on a freelancing platform or work directly with a development agency that has Ukrainian staff there are many different ways to reap the benefits that Ukrainian developers can offer.

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