The 3 Key Ways to Drastically Improve Your Levels of Customer Service

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Even though you may not, certainly on a personal level, entirely agree with the old cliché that ‘the customer is always right’, you would be entirely misguided to not think that, without your customers, you would even have a functional business at all.

Happier and more engaged customers mean larger profits and repeat customers, which ultimately, substantially contribute to a more prosperous company focused on growth, expansion, and longevity. With this in mind, continue reading to learn three ways to drastically improve your levels of customer service. 

1. Outsource Your IT Services

Presumably, you are already familiar with the process of outsourcing and the plethora of advantages such a decision brings to a business. However, you may well not be aware of how seminal and beneficial outsourcing your IT services are, especially in how effective it can be in improving the levels of your customer services.

Outsourcing your IT Services will:
  • Serve to complement your current IT employees’ knowledge and experience
  • Give you more time to focus on other key areas of your business
  • Significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of your company 
  • Give you access to the latest technology and software programs

2. Personalize the Service You Provide

You will know yourself that, in any situation whereby you are exchanging money for a product or service, that feeling as if you are a valued customer is, even though you know you are not indispensable, is an altogether gratifying experience.

With that being said, here are some proven-to-be effective ways of personalizing the level of customer service your company provides:
  • Responding to the customer's tone of voice and matching their personality 
  • Showing ‘genuine’ interest in their query and the overall situation
  • Asking questions to find out their specific needs and wants
  • Finding the best possible solution for each customer as quickly as you can
  • Listening and reflecting to each customer their problem and how you intend to fix it
  • When a call is transferred from a colleague, endeavor to seamlessly carry on the enquiry without having them entirely repeat their issue once again.
Have ready a professional team that gives 24/7 call center services to be there whenever customers need help and answer their questions professionally while creating a personalized approach.

3. Actively Promote Customer Feedback 

Essentially, increasing brand awareness is a fairly futile endeavor if the overall impression of your business, and indeed, the products and services you provide, is less than admirable and, as a result, finding out what your customers and clients think about your company is more than strongly advisable.

Once a customer has purchased a product or service from you, give them the option to provide a quick online review and offer the chance to win a ‘freebie’ to sweeten the deal. Even giving out one free item for every three hundred reviews will motivate your customers and provide you with honest and valuable feedback.

Other ways to actively promote useful client feedback include introducing an online, automatic review system at the end of every phone call and arranging for regular customers and clients to share their thoughts and views on each shipment.

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