9 Steps to Creating Great Pop-Up Ads That Convert

Years ago, e-commerce companies largely depended on pop-up advertising to promote their goods without considering the customer experience. Thankfully, pop-up advertisements in 2022 consider the user experience as well as sales strategies. It doesn`t matter if you are a professional popup creator or not, a properly made popup can improve the user experience without any irritating disruptions.

How to make your pop-up advertising effective

Here are nine strategies for making your pop-ups more satisfying:

1. Pick the right time for your pop-ups

Timing is crucial with popups if you want to provide your website visitors with a good experience. Have you ever spent only a fraction of a second on a website before being deluged by pop-up advertisements? For instance, this appears as soon as you enter the Mava Sports website:

Pop-up ad shows up on the Mava Sports website upon landing

Always wait until users have had a chance to interact with our website before attempting to re-engage them with a popup. For instance, you could design pop-ups to only show up as people are ready to leave your website.

You might also have your popup appear after a specific period. If a person has remained on your home page for thirty seconds without clicking anything, it might be wise to display something they would find interesting at this point.


2. Make it easy to dismiss

Even while pop-up ads are a fantastic tool for business growth, you must make sure you make it simple for customers to close them if they choose.

Otherwise, your website can switch off and upset your visitors. You may lose a paying customer if they were in the middle of buying when a popup that won't go away disrupted them.

Exit-intent pop-up ad offering a discount on the Altitude Sports website

3. Set up a proper frequency 

Imagine how frustrating it would be to constantly encounter the same popup while visiting a website, regardless of whether it is your first or tenth visit.

Make sure you modify the settings in your widgets to control the frequency of your popups rather than relying on luck.

So what frequency should you use? Well, that depends… It makes sense to increase the frequency to at least once or twice a day if you're running a weekend sale and want to highlight your best-selling products or a countdown timer for that sale.

Pop-up add displaying a special limited-time deal

4. Use an engaging CTA

When visitors view your popups, it should be instantly obvious to them what they need to do to take action. This may be accomplished by emphasizing your call-to-action button in contrast to the rest of your design. Just observe how the orange CTA button and the popup's backdrop colour contrast:

WordStream free trial promotion pop-up advertisement5. Prevent cart abandonment

Numerous times, online users may browse, peruse your offerings, and possibly even add something to their basket before leaving.

You are not required to limit your popups to the main page. For instance, if you purchase on the Casper website, you'll note that the main page doesn't include an exit intent popup! However, they try to re-engage you when you add anything to your cart and then try to leave:

Casper tries to re-engage abandoning visitors with an exit-intent popup and a discount

To find out why visitors are departing, you might also present a pop-up poll. You may use this to determine what on your website isn't working and stop future site abandonments.

6. Add some scarcity

Do you have a limited-edition item or a flash sale going on? If so, you should unquestionably inform your website's visitors. To give your offer a sense of urgency, think about using scarcity components in your popups, such as timers or inventory alerts.

The element of scarcity used in a pop-up ad to boost online sales

You can use urgency to promote:

  • A popular product that is going out of stock soon;
  • A limited-edition product that will disappear from your shop soon;
  • Limited-time coupons or sales;
  • Free shipping periods that are about to expire;
  • Seasonal offers that are about to end.

Just be careful to take these popups down when the promotion has ended. Another option is to develop an ongoing scarcity strategy. Here, depending on when they visited the site, your visitors have a specific window of time to take advantage of a promotional offer.

7. Promote a certain product

You may utilize your popups to draw extra attention to that product, whether you want to do this because you've discovered that it converts better than others or because you're releasing something new that requires a little more momentum.

Pop-up ad driving the attention to the new product collection

Make sure the wording on your popup includes that information if you're giving a discount on that product.

8. Expand your email list

You can see that the majority of the samples I gave you in the first section collect email addresses if you go back through them. To demonstrate what it can look like, though, here is another example.

Yankee Candle uses exit-intent popup to convert abandoning visitors into subscribers

If you want to offer something else than a discount, you could also:

  • Offer bonus points if you have a loyalty program;
  • Gift a free item if they purchase above a certain amount;
  • Redirect users to a quiz that provides them with curated products that are the best for their personality.

Popups are employed to gather email addresses for a cause. With email marketing, you may extend the buyer's journey and raise the likelihood that visitors will remember you. The visitors who depart without providing their email addresses are frequently lost forever!

9. Direct visitors to a specific page

You may occasionally wish to send readers to a certain page on your website. Perhaps you've seen that this page converts more effectively, or perhaps you utilize it as a top-of-funnel piece of content to attract new visitors.

As an instance, the WordStream popup gives you the option to click on "Grade My Account for Free," which directs you to a landing page with a free report for you.

WordStream pop-up ad redirects visitors to a landing page with a free report

This enables providing visitors with more details about what they will receive when they take advantage of this offer and join the sales funnel.


Prioritizing a positive browsing experience for your website visitors is the secret to successful pop-up advertising. In 2022, potential customers will have higher expectations of you than they did ten years ago, and your rivals will likely be using these techniques to improve the pop-up experience on their websites.

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