Effective Ways & Top Reasons to Use SEO for Attracting the Best Talent

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You simply cannot overlook the power of SEO in attracting the best talent in the industry for your team. We find that several brands have still not understood the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization while implementing their talent attraction stratagem. This is on account of two main reasons. In some cases, organizations do not focus much on the experience of the candidates while in some other companies; they must be depending on more conventional techniques for talent attraction like using recruitment agencies or job boards.

However, experts firmly believe that SEO is the key to effective and successful online recruitment. Promoting positive company culture could help in making your organization stand out from the rest and that should culminate in a boost in the caliber and quality of applications received by you. We understand that a typical job applicant would be using the Internet for searching for his kind of job. Hence, it is a wise decision as a recruiter to look for attracting the right talent for your corporate team via the Internet and effective SEO. You would certainly wish that your organization is easily traced by the job seekers online since you have some job vacancies. This is precisely where your sound knowledge of SEO could come in handy. You must always remember that SEO is an integral part of an effective recruitment marketing stratagem.

Tips on Ways to Use SEO for Attracting Top Talent

As a recruiter, it is imperative to browse the Internet and make the most of SEO. Job seekers must come across your organization and the job openings you are having after a usual Google search. Let us explore how SEO could be instrumental in attracting the top talents for your organization.

Consider Using Significant Job Listing Sites

Your company must have invested a lot of money and time in creating a career page and incorporating it into its website. Even though it sure is a wonderful addition that could prove to be quite useful if candidates for a job visit your official website, most other applicants would be coming across career opportunities in different organizations through job listing sites most of the time as compared to a career page of a company.

Focus on Using the Relevant Keywords

Even though a decision has been taken about precisely which top job listing sites would be posting the job vacancies of your company, it does not imply that applicants would automatically apply for all your vacancies particularly if the vacancies fail to appear since you have forgotten to optimize them fully for search engine optimization. You must ensure that all postings of your organization are according to the best practices of the job advertisement. All your organization’s job postings must be precise and must have the necessary information like office address, salary, and dress code, working hours, etc. so that the job seekers could decide whether to apply for the job or let it pass. You must focus on identifying those keywords that candidates would be typing on search while hunting for a job. Once you determine the specific keywords, focus on incorporating them into the concerned job posting.

Concentrate On Social Media Integration

The organization you are working for would be having numerous vacancies for a specific position. You must share the job posting via social media so that you have access to a much broader audience. As per inc, it is imperative for businesses to use cutting-edge social media search methods. Look for experienced people on LinkedIn or consider locating Linked in and Facebook groups that are known to provide professionals you are seeking. Moreover, you could identify specific keywords on Instagram or Twitter relating to the necessary skills for the open position. You must necessarily look for applicants at a place where they are used to devoting their time such as social media platforms. Integrate social media seamlessly into your talent search plan. Social media could best help in promoting your employer brand. It would broaden the overall reach of all your job postings. So do not forget to share all your job postings on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Top Reasons to Leverage SEO for Attracting the Best Talent

SEO is a crucial activity in terms of attracting the best talent in town and building a competent and robust team. Let us explore some benefits of using SEO for effective talent attraction.

Reduction in Costs and Enhanced Candidate Experience

As per inc, ensuring that your website’s career page or a careers site is leveraging SEO would be instrumental in reducing reliance on recruitment advertising, as well as, other outsourcing. Recruitment agencies and advertising could be quite expensive and if you get it all wrong, things could end up being an even more costly affair. However if instead of all that, you invest in robust SEO on a specialized careers site, expenses could be reduced and you could have a greater grip over your overall candidate experience. You could enjoy more flexibility in terms of introducing modifications and experimenting with content.

Push Your Careers Site to the Forefront

Prospective candidates tend to land on your careers page from several channels, the most dominant of which is mobile. There are no two ways about it, mobile traffic is higher now than it has ever been and the numbers are only rising. If you feel like you aren't attracting the attention you deserve, you can use technical SEO, schema tags, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages platform, as well as optimize social signals and outbound links. Schema markup really doesn't need any additional coding effort and can provide a good deal of information to the search engine about the content of your page beyond the text.

Understand Candidate Aspirations and Expectations

Job hunting is considerably different today than it was a few years ago. Candidates' online behaviors and expectations keep changing and if you're going to be catering to them, you absolutely need to keep pace with the times. Your careers website is a critical part of your talent attraction strategy because it is one of the first places the candidate will land on, besides your social media pages and reviews on sites like Glassdoor. As such, it is important to clearly convey your brand to them through the careers site. Make sure to use the best SEO and talent attraction techniques to ensure a high conversion rate from visits to applications for your ideal kind of candidate.

Don't Shy Away from Competition

Ignoring SEO in the initial stages of your site development will make it much more difficult to take corrective measures when you lose out SERP real estate to competitors in the near and distant future. Expect your competitors to have nothing less than state of the art, elite marketing teams who will stop at nothing to grab the top candidates; this is how you set yourself up to succeed by raising your own standards. You must remember that SEO is not a one-and-done deal, it is ongoing and the rules are ever-changing. You will consistently need to generate high-quality content, build strong backlink networks, and keep testing user experience and engagement to ensure you are delivering the perfect experience. Lagging behind now means ceding ground to more aggressive competitors and this is ground you may never regain.


Talent attraction is linked very deeply to search engine optimization in the digital age, and you need to be poised to take up the challenge. When you put your best foot forward, you are more likely to be discovered by high-quality candidates, who will be that much more likely to be interested in working for you. The upfront costs of SEO will, in fact, be the best marketing money you ever spend on your recruitment efforts and certainly bring home candidates who will make you significantly more dough. By controlling, measuring, and taking informed action on every step of the process from discovery to application, you can deliver a gorgeous, seamless experience for your prospective talent pool.

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