What is Boosting in Destiny 2 and How is It Used?

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The gaming market is projected to reach USD 339.95 billion in the next five years, at a cumulative annual growth rate of 8.94%. Destiny 2 is a popular online shooter game, containing 8 story missions or campaigns. Advanced online games like Destiny 2 require decent skills to play and time investment. Winning is the primary agenda when it comes to online video. Each gamer desires to inflict more damage than their rivals or competitors; that's where boosting comes in. 

Boosting is the use of external help (boosting services) to pass difficult levels, achieve goals, and improve ranking. Simply put, boosting occurs when a skilled player helps gamers achieve in-game targets. While boosting is considered rigging or cheating in some quarters, most gaming companies have dissenting opinions.

Boosting Strategies 

Game boosting can be achieved through different strategies, including the following:

Teaming with a Pro Gamer

This is the most common boosting strategy because it's hard to detect. A newbie gamer, also known as a noob in gaming lingo, teams up with a pro gamer to improve their chances of winning.

Playing from Both Sides 

Under this boosting strategy, boosters take both sides; the client's position and the enemy's side. The enemy side intentionally loses to the client to win, reaping better ratings. This strategy can be highly rewarding because boosters can handle multiple clients at once. However, boosting is highly detectable when using this method. Large groups of losing gamers indicate manipulation through boosting public leaderboards and data analysts working for gaming companies.


The Pay2Win boosting strategy is facilitated by game developers and publishers. Under this method, game developers and publishers give substantial awards and bonuses to gamers in exchange for money. The awards can be items for boosting performance, a better gaming experience, or skipping a hard or time-consuming task. Gamers have lately been complaining about the Pay2Win boosting strategy because winning isn't guaranteed even with the costly boosting rates.

What is Boosting in Destiny 2?

D2 boosting involves using the services of a D2 pro booster like Ask Boosters to achieve in-game goals with minimal effort on your part. These services can be divided into two; carries and recoveries. For carries, gamers play following the moves of a pro gamer—booster, while for recoveries, the pro gamer logs into your account and play. Destiny 2 boosting services include:
  • Raids;
  • Trials of Osiris;
  • Materials;
  • Iron banner services;
  • Dungeons;
  • Weapons and armor farm;
  • Power leveling;
  • PvP and gambit;
  • PvE boosting;
  • Triumphs and titles, and
  • Weekly contests.

Steps to Enlisting a D2 Booster 

1. Browse a preferred boosting service provider. 
2. Choose your preferred boosting service.
3. Read the requirements for the selected service.
4. Select a preferred class, platform, booster, and all mandatory options.
5. Checkout and provide the required information, including account details, contacts, discount code, and more.
6. Choose a payment method.
7. A pro gamer should be assigned for your case after the transaction is verified within 5 minutes to several hours. 
8. Active orders can be accessed by clicking "Current Orders."
9. The "Go to order" button allows you to communicate with the allocated. booster.
10. You can also auto-email the pro gamer via the "Request booster presence" button.

Game Boosting Pros and Cons

Video gaming enjoys a massive following—1.7 billion gamers worldwide, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros of game boosting are:

Ruins Match-making Balance

Matchmaking means pairing equally skilled gamers together to enhance the gaming experience. Unfortunately, the algorithm that should pair equally skilled gamers together in real-time isn't reliable. A good algorithm should detect any manipulation like boosting to protect innocent gamers.

Gaining Unfair Advantage

Despite the game you're playing, including PVP MMO or FPS, you're likely to win more regularly. Boosted gamers can defeat equally skilled gamers and win awards thanks to boosting services. They can also defeat more skilled gamers and gain an unfair advantage.

Interfering with Gaming Economies

A boosted gamer can sell won awards to other gamers. Also, more leveraging items can be bought from a gaming marketplace. Boosting violates gaming rules and defeats the purpose of gaming by ruining the experience.

The disadvantages of game boosting are:

Achieving Goals Faster

Boosting involves using more experienced gamers to achieve goals and objectives faster, such as completing missions and getting higher ratings on public leaderboards.

Saves Time

By using a boosting service, you save time, which can be used on resolving other pressing needs.

Avoiding Stress 

No one wants to experience a losing streak.  Utilizing a game-boosting service eliminates the mental anguish resulting from losing video games.

Money Wastage

Gaming should be a fun experience. That said, newbie gamers should strive to acquire gaming skills naturally instead of spending money on game-boosting services.


Boosting in Dynasty 2 occurs when a newbie or inexperienced gamers hire more experienced gamers to play on their behalf. You can follow up on the booster's moves or grant them access to your gaming account. Depending on how you look at it, boosting can be ethical or unethical.

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