Explore the Multifunctionality of the Seahorse X

The Seahorse series is a highly significant and successful product line. Through multiple generations of updates and upgrades, the Seahorse X has achieved a remarkable combination of functionalities.

The Seahorse X, the latest addition to the Seahorse series, represents the pinnacle of innovation and versatility in the market. It incorporates a wide range of features that cater to the diverse needs of users.

The Seahorse X is a truly innovative device that offers a range of functions, making it a versatile tool for all your dabbing needs. Whether you prefer a portable wax pen, an electric dab rig, an electric nectar collector, or an electric nail, the Seahorse X has you covered. Let's dive into the various functions and explore the possibilities this device brings to the table.

Seahorse X Plus

Usage 1: Seahorse X Dab Pen

The Seahorse X kit includes a 710 thread quartz wax cup that easily screws into the upper housing of the device. By attaching the provided glass mouthpiece or water bubbler over the atomizer cup, the Seahorse X seamlessly transforms into a convenient and portable wax pen. This allows you to enjoy your favorite concentrates on the go with ease and discretion.

Usage 2: Seahorse X Electric Dab Rig

With its double-layer bubbler, the Seahorse X can function as an electric dab rig. This unique feature allows the device to effectively cool and filter the vaping smoke through water, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable dabbing experience. Simply attach the appropriate bubbler to the device, and you're ready to elevate your dabbing sessions to a whole new level.

Usage 3: Seahorse X Electric Nectar Collector

Equipped with 510 ceramic tips, the Seahorse X serves as an efficient electric nectar collector. In this mode, the opposite end of the device conveniently accommodates a glass mouthpiece, allowing you to easily and effectively consume your concentrates directly from the container. This makes it a convenient and portable option for dabbing enthusiasts.

Usage 4: Seahorse X Electric Nail

For those who prefer the traditional dab rig setup, the Seahorse X can be directly connected to a compatible bubbler. With its 14mm joint connection, the dab pen seamlessly links to 14/18mm female joint pipes. By connecting the other end of the pipe to a dab rig, the Seahorse X effortlessly transforms into an electric nail, providing you with a seamless and enhanced dabbing experience.

Our seahorse series aslo contain seahorse pro plus,seahorse 2.0 and seahorse max.


The Seahorse X is a truly versatile dabbing device that offers a range of functions to suit your preferences. Whether you're looking for a portable wax pen, an electric dab rig, an electric nectar collector, or an electric nail, the Seahorse X has you covered. With its innovative design and multiple usage options, this device opens up a world of possibilities for dabbing enthusiasts. Explore the multifunctionality of the Seahorse X and elevate your dabbing experience to new heights.

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