70 Best Romance Anime You Simply Cannot Miss

Best Romance Anime

Romance anime has captured the hearts of viewers since time immemorial. Whether it's a shojo series filled with drama and heartache or a fluffy slice-of-life that gives you warm fuzzies, these shows tug at our heartstrings in all the right ways.

As a hardcore anime fan who grew up immersing myself in epic love stories, I've watched my fair share of romantic series over the years. And let me tell you - some of them are so gut-wrenchingly beautiful I still get misty-eyed thinking about them!

So if you're looking for feels-filled anime that will have your emotions doing summersaults, you've come to the right place. I've compiled a list of the 70 best romance anime that need to be on your watchlist right now. Bring out the tissues folks, things are about to get intense!

1. Love Tyrant - A Hilariously Wacky Supernatural Harem (2017)

Love Tyrant

Where else can you find a series where a perfectly normal high school kid gets stuck in a relationship with a yandere grim reaper, a sword-wielding angel, and other eccentric spirits? Love Tyrant is a one-of-a-kind supernatural rom-com filled to the brim with over-the-top characters and absurd situational comedy.

While Seiji struggles to escape this paranormal harem, he also attempts to teach the childish cupid Guri what love is truly about. And I have to say, the burgeoning romance between them is rather adorable! If you're looking for madcap relationship hijinks seasoned with a dash of friendship and romance, Love Tyrant should be at the top of your watch list!

2. Your Name - An Anime Movie That Will Wreck Your Heart (2016)

Your Name

I will never forget bawling my eyes out the first time I watched Your Name. This anime movie is so devastatingly beautiful I still get goosebumps thinking about it. With its fantastical body-swap premise, lush visuals, and a stirring star-crossed romance, Your Name tugs at your heartstrings in all the right ways.

As city girl Mitsuha and rural boy Taki switch bodies and live each other's lives, they develop an intense connection that transcends the bounds of time and space. The climax of this film where they desperately try to meet face-to-face left me an emotional wreck! Your Name is hands down one of the most iconic romance anime movies out there.

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War - Romance as a Psychological Battleground (2019)

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

What happens when two tsunderes who are secretly in love go up against each other in an epic mind game battle of wits? That's what the absolutely hilarious shojo series Kaguya-sama explores in delightful detail!

Both Kaguya and Shirogane are too prideful to confess their feelings, so they try to trap each other in absurdly convoluted schemes that force the other to spill the beans first. With the rest of the student council cheering them on, their silly antics had me laughing till I cried. This light-hearted rom-com perfectly blends slapstick humor with adorable high school romance in one uproarious package.

4. Josee, The Tiger and the Fish - Bittersweet Tearjerker About Finding Love (2020)

Josee, The Tiger and the Fish

If you love stories that pack an emotional gut punch, Josee, The Tiger and the Fish should be high up on your watch list. This gorgeously animated film charts the bittersweet romance between the fiery Tsuneo and the equally stubborn wheelchair-bound Josee.

Their chance encounter leads to Tsuneo becoming Josee's part-time caretaker, driver, and companion on whimsical city adventures. Josee's exuberant free spirit teaches the shy and awkward Tsuneo to live life to the fullest. And in turn, his gentle compassion gives flight to her caged soul longing to be set free.

Have your tissues handy because this one pulls no punches! The melancholic ending, in particular, left me weeping for hours. Josee, The Tiger and the Fish is a tragically beautiful tale of love, friendship, and learning to take chances while you still can.

5. A Silent Voice - A Heartrending Story of Bullying, Regret, and Redemption (2016)

A Silent Voice

As someone who was severely bullied growing up, A Silent Voice hit dangerously close to home for me. This emotional rollercoaster of an anime film tackles heavy themes like bullying, depression, suicide, and finding the courage to make amends.

When ex-bully Shoya reaches out to Shoko - a deaf girl he tormented in elementary school - they slowly begin the painful process of healing and moving forward with their lives. Their tentative friendship develops into something warmer as buried regrets and unsaid words finally surface after years locked away in silence.

A Silent Voice sends a powerful message about forgiveness, compassion, and giving second chances. Keep some tissues close because this intensely cathartic movie will wring out your tear ducts until they run dry!

6. Clannad - The Feels-filled Anime That Redefined Romance (2007)


No list of the best romance anime is complete without the genre classic - Clannad! This series took the anime world by storm with its emotionally powerful storytelling that felt refreshingly real and honest. While the first season lays down vital groundwork, it's After Story - the second installment - where this anime well and truly sucker punches you right in the feels.

As Tomoya struggles with regret, grief, fatherhood, and finding meaning amidst crushing tragedy, his steadfast romance with Nagisa underpins the narrative. Their wholesome relationship weathering life’s storms serves as an anchor in an uncaring world filled with hardship.

Fair warning - you WILL cry ugly tears multiple times through Clannad's epic romantic saga spanning years. But it will also warm your soul more deeply than you can imagine. This is the romance anime by which all others must be judged!

7. NANA - An Unflinching Character-Driven Romance Drama (2006)


If complex messy relationships, rocky romances, and oodles of drama are your thing, NANA should be your next anime obsession! This Josei series pulls no punches exploring the tangled web connecting four friends chasing their dreams in Tokyo.

Punk rocker Nana Osaki and hopeless romantic Nana Komatsu form a tight bond despite their wildly differing personalities. But conflicting career goals, a tangled love triangle, and communication issues threaten to fracture their friendship.

NANA beautifully develops nuanced characters over time without judging their frequently questionable decisions. No one makes all the right choices here - they screw up, hold grudges, and struggle coping with the aftermath. It makes for an incredibly gripping mature character-driven saga where romance and music become vessels for deeply personal catharsis.

8. TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You - Wholesome Newlywed Fluff (2020)


If you're looking for tooth-rotting fluffy romance to heal your battered soul, TONIKAWA is just what the doctor ordered! This adorable series follows Nasa and Tsukasa, two newlyweds stumbling their way through married life right out of high school.

After Nasa's abrupt love-at-first-sight proposal, the oddly matched couple attempts adapting to domestic bliss. While they trip over mundane chores and household duties, their little romantic escapades spark boundless joy. Whether it's visiting festivals, shopping together, or cosplaying, Nasa and Tsukasa find happiness in life's simplest pleasures.

TONIKAWA beautifully encapsulates the excitement of young love along with the fun spontaneity only high school sweethearts share. If you love wholesome married life fluff, do yourself a favor and watch this one!

9. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas - Tragedy and Catharsis Entwined (2018)

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas wrecked me in the best way possible when I first watched it years ago. And this bittersweet tearjerker still occupies a special place in my heart today. At first glance, it feels like a run-of-the-mill high school anime with an introverted male lead and a manic pixie dream girl injected into the mix.

But then the story sucker punches you with its emotional depth and painfully shocking twist.

When Sakura's terminal illness comes to light, the initially impassive Haruki steps up to support her through grueling treatments. As he witnesses her incredible optimism despite life's crushing hardships, Haruki slowly discovers his own will to live burning brighter. Their endearing friendship teaches them the joy of living life to the fullest even if just for a brief while.

Keep some tissues handy because the climax of this anime will shatter your heart into itty-bitty pieces! But it will also spur you towards carpe diem with renewed passion.

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10. Fruits Basket - Supernatural Shojo with All the Feels (2019)

Fruits Basket

Any hardcore shojo fan worth their salt definitely has Fruits Basket on their favorites list. This classic supernatural romance has everything - curses to lift, surprise love triangles, deep emotional trauma uncovered bit by bit, and of course, plucky female leads winning over hot older men!

When orphan Tohru winds up rooming with the Sohma family cursed by the Chinese Zodiac, she whips up a storm of change without meaning to. Watching aloof boy Kyo and stoic Yuki slowly thaw out thanks to Tohru's selfless compassion is incredibly satisfying. And I shipped her hard with reliable father-figure Shigure from day one!

But fair warning - trauma abounds in this series amidst all the fuzzy warm romance. So brace yourself for some tearful moments when buried pain bubbles up to the surface for the Sohmas. If you love larger-than-life supernatural drama peppered with sweet high school romance, Fruits Basket should be your next anime fix!

11. The Garden of Words - An Anime Film That Will Soothe Your Soul (2013)

The Garden of Words

Sometimes you come across anime that doesn't have complex plotting, flashy animation, or volume-cranked drama. The Garden of Words is one such minimalist gem - a quiet meditation on loneliness, grief, and finding solace in friendship.

The story follows Takao, a 15-year-old with family issues who dreams of becoming a shoemaker. When he meets the mysterious Yukino, an older woman battling inner turmoil, they form a tentative bond amidst grey rainy days in a beautiful garden. As seasons change and so do lives, we realize that some connections fade while others endure as sustaining memories.

With its watercolor art style and soul-soothing soundtrack, The Garden of Words washes over you like poetic melancholy. If you want to get lost amidst life's simple fleeting beauties, this anime movie is perfect for quiet introspection!

12. Beyond The Boundary - Stunning Visuals Amp Up The Feels (2013)

Beyond The Boundary

Beyond The Boundary instantly sucked me in with its vibrant stylized world brimming with supernatural creatures and teenager warriors battling them. Plus a sweet star-crossed romance between human boy Akihito and volatile spirit warrior Mirai cemented this series as a favorite!

After Akihito talks Mirai down from taking her own life, they grow closer as she moves into his house for protection. And when her dark tragic backstory comes to light, he steps up trying to shield her from further pain. Their slowly kindling affection amidst Ages of shadowy intrigue and looming threats makes for an addictively intense ride!

Beyond The Boundary strikes a perfect balance between stunning action set pieces and emotional character beats. If you want a solid fantasy romance filled with friendship, tragedy, and found family feels, dive right into this underappreciated gem!

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13. I've Always Liked You - An Adorably Awkward Shojo Story (2016)

Not gonna lie - I'm a complete sucker for awkward high school crushes blossoming into shy romance! And the 2016 anime film I've Always Liked You captures that sweet joy and uncertainty of first love perfectly.

Despite its short runtime, we get a poignant shojo story as multiple friends struggle confessing their true feelings on Valentine's day. There's wistful pining, hopeful misunderstandings, friends turning into something more - this movie packs the charm of five fluffy high school romances all into one neat package!

I've Always Liked You brings me right back to those tender days filled with excitement, blushing faces, and hearts all aflutter whenever your crush glanced your way. If you love nostalgic and fuzzy first love stories, don't miss out on this one!

14. Horimiya - The Ultimate Feel-Good Teen Romance (2021)

Trying to pick just one high school romance anime for this list was tough. But Horimiya clinched its spot here for being everything you could ask of a fluffy shojo love story while still feeling refreshingly grounded.

Despite seeming like complete opposites on the surface, Honor student Kyouko and tattooed bad boy Izumi bond over both desiring more authentic connections. As their friendship slowly gives way for budding feelings, watching these two finally feel truly seen for who they are makes for some gleeful fuzzy payoff!

Horimiya beautifully fleshes out its entire ensemble cast beyond just the central couple. And the series never shies away from tackling messy struggles hiding beneath the surface. If you want a cozy high school romance that will leave you feeling all mushy inside, look no further than this gem!

15. Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me - Hilarious Role Reversal Rom-Com (2023)

Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me

Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and the Inexperienced Me is a hidden manga gem I stumbled across recently that sparked utter joy with its quirky unconventional couple!

Unlike most high school romance where the guy always takes the lead, this couple flips the script entirely. Ryou is pretty suave for his age and asks ultra-popular Runa out with ease. But then to his shock, he slowly realizes she is WAY more knowledgeable about romance than his sorry clueless self!

What follows next is a parade of awkward hilarity mixed with a smidge of drama as Ryou trips over his total lack of experience with girls! Their topsy-turvy courtship breathes new life into the done-to-death high school romance formula. If unique role reversal couples make you giggle, definitely add this one to your plan-to-read list!

16. The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You - Absurd Harem Shenanigans Dialed Up To 100! (2023)

Harem anime has always held a special place in my Trashy Anime Love tier list! But The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You truly ascends past any harem that came before with its outrageous premise. Our resident normal Highschooler Rentarou just wants to find love after 99 painful rejections.

But then a supernatural twist blesses/curses(?) him with soulmates - not one or two or even ten - but a hundred! And if he rejects even one, tremendous misfortune will rip through the fabric keeping reality stable. Now he has to balance dating a colorful cast that includes a psychic, a ghost, and even a rental girlfriend to avoid untold disaster!

This series cranks the absurdity meter way past max with its whacky hijinks! If over-the-top harem comedy with a truckload of waifus makes you cackle, say hello to your newest guilty pleasure obsession!

17. Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie - Comfy Teen Romance Greatness (2022)

Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie

Trying to choose the best high school romance anime often feels like an impossible task! But Shikiri's Not Just A Cutie makes it onto my list of favorites for being effortlessly lovable. This even-tempered series brimming with cozy sweetness avoids all the frustrating drama you expect of the genre.

Shikimori and Izumi are already an established couple by the start with nary any rocky misunderstandings mucking things up. And that's what makes their stable relationship so endearing to watch! Shikimori's cool dependable girlfriend energy balances Izumi's clumsiness perfectly. Every moment watching them joke around lovingly left me feeling all fuzzy inside!

If you love fluff-filled teen anime minus the angst and tears, Shikimori's Not Just A Cutie delivers feel-good romance greatness in spades! Don't sleep on this comfy gem.

18. Bakemonogatari - Witty Paranormal Romance Infused With Sass (2009)


This list would be woefully incomplete without the Monogatari franchise! Specifically Bakemonogatari's first electrifying season makes the cut for perfectly blending cheeky comedy, supernatural mystery, and simmering romance all in one visually stunning package!

From the very first episode where Senjogahara staples MC Koyomi's coat (with him still wearing it) for peeking up her skirt, you know you're in for a sassy glittering ride! As Koyomi becomes entangled with girls battling various apparitions, his evolving rapport with Senjougahara steals the show.

Packed to the gills with blazingly smart dialogue, stunning avant-garde visuals, and larger-than-life characters, Bakemonotagari kicks off the seminal Monogatari franchise with a confident bang! If you like your paranormal romances brimming with wit and style, accept no substitutes!

19. Sing "Yesterday" for Me - A Melancholy Slice-of-Life Dramedy (2020)

Sing "Yesterday" for Me

Released in Spring 2020, Sing "Yesterday" for Me quickly wormed its way into my heart thanks to its grounded characters and melancholic mood reflecting harsh realities. The story chronicles a directionless 20-something grad Rikuo who floats listlessly unable to land steady work in the recession economy.

Alongside part-timer Shinako recovering from a traumatic breakup and excitable freshman Rou, Rikuo gets embroiled in a messy adult love triangle still weighed down by the ghosts of past relationships. Their intertwining stories speak directly to the millenial condition ridden with economic anxiety, work instability, and longing for connection.

Despite some predictable melodramatic twists, Sing "Yesterday" for Me feels refreshingly honest. Watching these frustrated youths fumble toward carving out happiness amidst unfulfilling jobs and relationships proved both heartbreaking and hopeful. If you love somber slice-of-life anime, this one deserves more hype!

20. My Happy Marriage – A Riveting Historical Supernatural Romance (2023)

I fell utterly in love with the fantasy shojo series My Happy Marriage within the first few episodes! This hidden gem is set in an alternate historic Japan where the supernatural and mundane coexist side-by-side naturally.

Our heroine Komichi Mikamo marries a total stranger from the noble Koiwai family and moves into their grand sinister estate. But eerie occurrences hint at darker mysteries entwined with the Koiwai's practiced spiritualism. As Komichi investigates these unexplained phenomena, could the most unnatural thing be her budding affection for her peculiar husband?

My Happy Marriage captivates with its evocative Meiji-era setting brimming with ancient curses, exorcism rituals, and star-crossed romance. If lavish costumed fantasy with a paranormal twist makes you swoon, this one deserves more hype!

21. Tomo-chan Is a Girl! - Chaotic High School Rom-Com Greatness (2023)

I'm always on the hunt for slapstick high school comedies pushing genre tropes to their absolute limits. And the 4-koma manga series Tomo-Chan Is A Girl! perfectly fits that chaotic bill with its eccentric cast and bonkers situational humor!

Tomo is your archetypical brash tomboy who secretly crushes hard on cute classmate Jun. But the dummy thinks her clumsy love confession was just casual pal talk instead! What follows next is a parade of hysterical misunderstandings threatening to torpedo young love.

Backed by a quirky friend circle cheering her on, Tomo attempts wild schemes to pierce through Jun's thick skull that she's head over heels for him! If you love hyperactive ensemble comedies, add this one to your comedy queue stat!

22. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku – Hilarious Genre-Savvy Romantic Comedy (2018)

Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku

Any anime fan who grew up facing stigma for loving 2D characters a bit TOO much oughta watch Wotakoi! This is the ultimate nerdy adult rom-com following two awkward coding geeks hiding their power-level at a gaming company while fumbling into romance.

With playful self-aware humor, Wotakoi nails the struggles of otaku entering serious office jobs who can never fully let their nerdy flag fly. Watching leads Narumi and Hirotaka hilariously try balancing their secret geeky hobbies alongside a budding relationship makes for flipping adorable payoff!

If love stories by and for unapologetic anime fans sound rad, say hello to your newest favorite meta comedy!

23. Romantic Killer – A Zany Supernatural Imouto Parody (2022)

As someone who grew up chugging Imouto shows, Romantic Killer hits all the right notes both celebrating and ruthlessly skewering the sisterly love genre! When hardcore gamer otaku Anzu remarks she hates sappy romances to eccentric supernatural being Mick, her chill NEET existence gets hijacked overnight!

Mick transforms Anzu into a stereotypical shojo heroine so walking embodiment of romance clichés can finally understand true love! What follows next is a raucous body-swap comedy extravaganza dunking on played-out romance tropes with gusto!

With neon animation exploding off the screen and razor-sharp parody writing, Romantic Killer gave me ab cramps from cackling nonstop! If genre-savvy satirical comedy is your jam, watch this ASAP!

24. The Dangers in My Heart – A Bittersweet Triumph Over Trauma(2023)

I instantly fell hard for introverted emo boy Ichika getting adopted into a boisterous family of cute little sisters in The Dangers In My Heart! This soft-hearted series sends hopelessly unlucky teen Ichika to live with his novelist aunt after losing his mother.

Despite craving isolation to quietly mourn, his cousin sisters force Ichika out of his shell with their upbeat kawaii chaos! And popular twin-tailed gal Aoi sees past his prickly exterior, offering patient support. As old wounds heal while new bonds strengthen, this story resonates with anyone struggling to embrace living after enduring loss.

The Dangers in My Heart delivers all the tearjerking catharsis with satisfying personal growth making dark days brighter!

25. The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten – Diabetes-Inducing Fluff Bomb (2023)

I firmly believe too much sugary sweetness rots your brain. But The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten delivers such adorable wholesome high school romance, resistance is futile! Your classic ordinary teen boy Mahiru's life gets turned upside down when literal angelic neighbor Amane barges in offering unconditional affection!

Soon Mahiru gets swept up in Amane's sparkling wake as his new self-proclaimed girlfriend lavishes our put-upon MC with handmade bentos and nonstop lovin'! Watching that grumpy loner shell crack under her relentless assault of kindness never failed eliciting a silly grin during each comfy episode!

If your day needs brightening with a fluff-filled emotional support anime delivering warm cuddly feels, this one shines radiant joy in spades!

26. Insomniacs After School – A Cozy Slow-Burn Late-Night Romance (2023)

Insomniacs After School

In a season stuffed with flashy fantasy epics, Insomniacs After School soared to the top of my favorite romance premieres with its grounded honesty. This low-key series captures the bittersweet beauty of forging connections unexpectedly in times of personal turmoil.

Troubled teens Ganta and Isaki bond in the dead of night, unable to sleep for their own reasons. And over wandering library strolls and midnight karaoke sessions, these two lost souls begin leaning on each other seeking solace. Simmering tensions and painful roadblocks challenge their fragile bond.

But Insomniacs After School pulls you in with its quiet emotive voice and finely etched characterizations making small moments glow warm. For a poignant slice-of-life romance fans, this gem delivers big on the feels!

27. Kokoro Connect – Entertaining Bodyswap Antics Marred By Controversy (2012)

I still have fond memories initially watching Kokoro Connect years back before unfortunate behind-the-scenes toxicity marred things. On the surface, the series looked like intriguing teen sci-fi drama meets body-swapping shenanigans!

Five students in a cultural research club find themselves forcibly bonded by supernatural being Heartseed invading their bodies at random! What first seems like wacky hijinks bringing hidden feelings to light soon dredges up deep-rooted insecurities threatening friendships.

While Kokoro Connect showed early promise pushing character dynamics into interesting territory, awful real-life harassment allegations against the author ruined my enjoyment retroactively. I'd steer clear of this one knowing the harm it brought to people involved during production.

28. Maid Sama! – Hilarious Gender Role Reversal Joy (2010)

Maid Sama!

Shoujo stories flipping status quo gender roles on their heads instantly capture my interest. And Maid Sama! delivers hilarious romantic comedy spades featuring a headstrong heroine juggling a secret gig at a Maid Café after school!

On the surface, fearsome class president Misaki Ayuzawa seems like your typical overachieving perfectionist. But her demanding home situation forces her working undercover dressed in frilly costumes serving boys at a local hub catering to Otaku clientele!

Her precarious balancing act gets thrown for a loop when resident heartthrob Takumi discovers her double life threatening Misaki's reputation! But his coercive knowledge allows for gleeful gender role play shenanigans galore! Slap on one of those poofy headpieces and dive right into this genre-bending delight!

29. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – Supernatural Teen Drama With Witty Banter (2018)

No best romance anime list could be complete without the supernaturally tinged Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai! Charming rascal Sakuta Azusagawa enjoys proving stereotypes wrong about him being an intimidating thug. But then his path crosses with the rumored ghostly Bunny Girl of his school one fateful afternoon.

After the distressed Mai Sakurajima confides she feels literally invisible with old friends unable to see her anymore, kindhearted Sakuta takes it upon himself solving her spooky affliction! Soon the quick-witted duo gets embroiled in helping more students battling supernatural-like ailments caused by unstable adolescent emotions.

Despite the silly title promising ecchi entertainment, Rascal balances quirky comedy and charismatic leads with intriguing paranormal mystery week-to-week! If X-Files met your average high school anime romance, this would be their quippy lovechild!

30. My Dress-Up Darling - YA Cosplay Romance Brimming With Passion (2022)

My Dress-Up Darling

Combining cosplay subculture with high school romance seemed like a dicey proposition on paper. But My Dress-Up Darling pulls it off with exuberant color and irresistibly lovable leads! Socially awkward Sewing whiz Wakana gets dragged kicking and screaming into costume creation by bubbly gyaru gal Marin!

Despite seeming like polar opposites, these two quickly bond over the joy crafting beautiful clothes brings them both. And watching withdrawn Wakana slowly blossom making attire for the beaming Marin always elicited the dopiest grin during each episode!

My Dress-Up Darling beautifully captures finding kindred spirits via shared creative passion. If you want inspiration embracing doing what you love alongside folks who adore it too, this one radiates earnest warmth!

31. Toradora! – The Timeless Teen Rom-Com Benchmark (2008)

Even over a decade since it first landed, Toradora remains the gold standard every high school rom-com strives benchmarking against! This series nails the Delectable push-pull mutual attraction between seeming polar opposites - aggressive tomboy Taiga and gentle giant Ryuuji who people assume is a delinquent.

Fate throws these two outsiders together when Taiga crushes hard on Ryuuji’s best friend while he nurses a longing crush on her bubbly gal pal. Like all great odd couples forced to collaborate for romantic schemes, these two opposites slowly gravitate toward each other through hilariously chaotic misunderstandings!

Featuring extremely well-crafted characters and situational comedy sparkling off their mismatched personalities, Toradora absolutely deserves its modern classic status! Don’t deny your romantic comedy education and get on watching this gem already!

32. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou – Endearing Found Family Bonding (2012)

The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou tugs all the right heartstrings for me - found family feelings fused with the bittersweet highs and lows tracing young adulthood! When second-year Sorata gets booted from regular dorms for housing stray cats, he finds himself rooming among brilliant misfit geniuses unable to care for themselves properly!

These endearing weirdos become the nurturing Sorata’s wacky surrogate family. But his comfortable status quo gets shaken up with the arrival of renowned artist Mashiro forcing him into caretaker mode all over again! Soon enough, our modest hero charts his own growth path stumbling after the dazzling Mashiro living fully embracing her passions.

Overflowing with earnest charm and bubbly humor, Sakurasou captures interpersonal connections blossoming when you support someone else chasing their largely incompatible dreams wholeheartedly. Found family stans, watch this one immediately for guaranteed smiles and more than a few happy tears!

33. Ouran High School Host Club - Escapist Shojo Greatness! (2006)

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran Highschool Host Club holds an entertainingly absurd special place in my Trashy Anime Tier List! This reverse harem rom-com fabulously spoofs shojo tropes by gender-flipping things with a club of high school pretty boys entertaining lovesick girls.

Levelheaded bookworm Haruhi accidentally wanders into debauchery central and breaks their fancy-schmancy vase, forcing her into indentured host club servantry repaying their loss! What follows next is gleeful otome game-esque mayhem with dramatic romantic hijinks dialed up to the max!

Playing things completely tongue-in-cheek with fantastically flamboyant characters, Ouran Host Club hits all the ideal escapist fantasy beats. Watching dashing boys fawn over the crossdressing heroine always elicited the right balance of laughs and fangirl swoons from me!

34. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! – Nostalgia For Youthful Innocence (2012)

Who among us embarrassing nerds never went through a weird phase being convinced we had imaginary superpowers and chaotic supernatural forces colliding in our backyard? Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions perfectly recaptures that awkward time before adulthood filters away wild flights of fancy!

When good-natured former delusional fantasiser Yuta encounters the eccentric Rikka still lost in her fantasy battles, old memories he buried come flooding back with bittersweet emotions. As he patiently guides her through daily minutiae mundane society demands, Rikka forces Yuta reconciling with past passions he locked away without realizing what that costs him.

This quirky dramedy interweaves nostalgia, earnest friendship, and heart twinges regretting previous versions of yourself lost to time. For anyone pining their childhood imaginative spark fading under adult responsibilities, Chunibyo delivers all the feels with its warm empathetic reminder about not losing touch with personal joy and wonder along the way.

35. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me To You – Patiently Blossoming Shojo Love (2009)

Delicately paced high school shojos monopoly my Trashy Anime Addiction list! And Kimi Ni Todoke earning a glowing recommendation there thanks to its gentle emotional buildup capturing the fluttering heartbeat rush of young love. With Sawako resembling the creepy ghost girl from The Ring, her alienation leaves yearning for real connections seems an impossible dream.

At least till easygoing charmer Shouta and his gregarious friend group fold Sawako into their world, slowly coaxing her sharing hidden depths behind that shy sheltered exterior. As she gets closer sneaking glimpses of inner decency and hidden sweetness, Shouta’s casual interest blooms into something warmer.

Kimi Ni Todoke executes its pure shojo formula perfectly without unnecessary angsty drama mucking things up! If you want smiling through bittersweet tears watching awkward first love blossom against all odds, this enduring gem shines timeless beauty even 15 years later!

36. My Love Story!! – Toothy Colossus Winning Hearts (2015)

Stumbling onto the massively tall but absurdly timid Takeo in My Love Story!! RPG smashing expectations wide open for my shojo romance tastes! After years facing constant rejection, this sweet-tempered giant resolved damsels needing rescue crave princely bishies certainly NOT him.

At least till petite pastry chef Yamato develops an instant crush on Takeo after he saves her from a harasser. To his shocked delight, this fairy tale scenario has our hero finally being viewed as princely by a cute gal! Watching him triumphantly flex his knightly muscle in her service makes for some giddy wish fulfillment.

Overflowing with feel-good humor and a pure cinnamon roll finally getting the love he deserves, My Love Story!! works wonderfully breathing fresh air into my favorite genre! If you love subverting standard tropes, take a big bite out of this gem!

37. Your Lie In April - A Heartwrenching Melody Of Love And Loss (2014)

Man, I'm getting tearful just thinking about this beautiful gem! Your Lie In April tells an emotionally resonant story about depressed piano prodigy Kousei connecting with vibrant violinist Kaori through music. Still reeling from his strict mom's death, playing seem joyless for Kousei these days.

But sparkling free spirit Kaori enters his life insisting he accompany her performances! At first bewildered, Kousei slowly rediscovers passion for piano he locked away. And as they share poignant duets plus quiet conversations, his guarded heart starts opening up to Kaori. Fair warning though - bring extra tissues for the finale because WHOAH boy, they don't hold back sucker-punching your feels!

38. Skip And Loafer - Finding Kindred Spirits Across Social Divides (2023)

If you love quirky misfit pairings blossoming into first love, let charming newcomer Skip and Loafer whisk you away! At swanky Uga Shinsei academy, students remark shy bookworm Mitsumi and gloomy nerd Kei wouldn't interact ever. But chance encounter reveals hidden facets attracting them closer.

Behind Mitsumi's popular smiles hides crippling anxiety she masks daily acting normal. And Kei's tired stoicism covers frustration feeling chained conforming expectations, longing bursting free. In each other's eyes, a glimmer hopeful sympathy stirs. And so begins tentative friendship sowing seeds deeper affection awaiting harvest.

Skip and Loafer beautifully charts ongoing youthful blooming - guarding public masks fracturing as souls recognize fellow travelers also seeking oases authenticity amid society's mirages. Savor the quiet triumph two gentle dreamers discovering shelter in kindred arms.

39. Komi Can’t Communicate – Anxious Heroine Seeks Lasting Bonds (2021)

The award for Most Relatable Heroine In An Anime definitely belongs to Komi from Komi Can't Communicate! Her crippling social anxiety and communication disorder prevents making friends despite wishing desperately breaking shell finding real connections.

Enter endlessly enthusiastic Tadano kickstarting Operation: Help Komi Get 100 Pals! Bickering classmates, kooky underclassmen, scary upperclasswomen - this growing circle supports Komi bit by bit facing fears holding her back advancing friend goals. And even sparks first flutterings romance she never dared dream before!

Seeing painfully timid Komi strengthen slowly thanks found family bonds always elicited the widest grin! If you love sweet ensemble comedies nurturing introverts into full bloom, say hello new best girl!

40. Love After World Domination – Endearing Villain-Hero Dynamic (2022)

Love After World Domination puts fresh spin on the classic Romeo-Juliet storyline with rival factions vying global conquest! On one side you have Fudo, heroic red spandex-ed defender battling evil organization DOOM daily thwarting their schemes taking over Earth! Too bad DOOM’s chief’s cute daughter Desumi has the hots for her dad’s square-jawed nemesis!

Somehow these star-crossed cuties click right away despite clashing ideologies. Probably because under costumes both remain dorky softies eager loving on the other. Giggling at their awkward dates dodging surveillance to snatch rare PDA amidst overdramatic battles never failed bringing a smile during each episode!

Light on high stakes but big delivering fluffy romance between archfoes, Love After World Domination gleefully subverts expectations! Heroes getting the villains AND global peace? Heck yeah, sign me up!

41. Snow White With Red Hair – Gripping Historical Fantasy Drama (2015)

Snow White With Red Hair

For my money, Snow White With Red Hair remains an underappreciated fantasy romance gem continuing Shirayuki’s engaging adventures! After escaping her homeland, headstrong herbalist Shirayuki ends up appointed court botanist for Clarines kingdom. This bold career move also introduces her dashing aloof Prince Zen slowly melting icy exterior thanks Shirayuki’s fiery grit matching his own.

But further political turmoil threatens tearing Shirayuki away just when Zen acknowledges brewing affection binding their fates together! Backed by gorgeous background art bringing fictional royal courts alive, Snow White captivates with high emotional stakes amplified leaning hard fantasy elements. If you love sweeping costumed historical dramas where courageous heroines capture prickly princes' hearts through bold deeds, discover this hidden treasure!

42. The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague – Adorkable Office Romance (2023)

The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague

Office nerds awkwardly fumbling adulthood responsibilities AND paralyzing crushes resonates hugely for me! So The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague instantly shot up rankings for its soft workplace slice-of-life story between elemental beings. Subaru's bloodline grants icy magic at price losing body heat needing regular warmth infusions while gentle coworker Fuyutsuki controls healing flames.

Somehow perfect colleagues balance each other out beautifully both personally and professionally! Behind Subaru’s frosty facade hides socially anxious marshmallow wishing desperately making Kirei happy everyday shining smiles his way. And despite seeming intimidatingly perfect, kindhearted Fuyutsuki longs finding someone reciprocating warm care she offers freely. Will office pressures freeze budding affection before either gathers courage confessing true feelings?

If sweetly awkward unconventional couples kindle your heart, The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague brings soothing feels defeating workplace burnout!

43. After The Rain – Poignant Generational Divide Romance (2018)

After The Rain

I instantly adored After The Rain for tackling a controversial May-December tale yet delivering real emotional honesty! High school track star Akira faces career-thwarting injury and finds brief escape at restaurant where kind manager Kondo works. Initially seeking solely comfort food, Akira soon savors their conversations on life bringing smiles better than any meal.

To Akira, jaded forty-something Kondo represents reliable rock encouraging her persevering recovery hard road. And Kondo’s admiration slowly shifts recognizing willful spirit shining beneath Akira’s youthful beauty. Can such an unconventional bond survive when outside pressures demand breaking things off?

After The Rain captivated me crafting nuanced dynamic between world-weary adult and girl traversing first heartbreak with empathy avoiding judgement. If poignant generational divide tales tempt you, savor this one!

44. Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It – Endearing Scientific Romance (2018)

Science Fell In Love, So I Tried To Prove It

My soft spot for awkward intelligent leading ladies discovering confidence through friendship got perfectly catered to by delightful rom-com Science Fell In Love! Science whizzes Himuro and Yukimura each excel physics calculations but puzzle over complicated emotion thingies like dating, attraction, even love!

Through increasingly ridiculous thesis experiments gauging romantic interest between them, both slowly realize actual chemistry simmering underneath all the quantum mechanics mumbo-jumbo! Eventually even scientific method bows acknowledging some phenomena like first love sparks measurable through heartbeats, not hypotheses.

Overflowing quirky character interactions made brainiac leads’ journey understanding romance highly relatable! If you enjoy geeky unconventional courtships, put on lab coat diving into this clever gem!

45. Yona Of The Dawn – Exhilarating Fantasy Revenge Saga (2014)

Yona Of The Dawn

I enthusiastically endorse thrilling fantasy epic Yona Of The Dawn to anyone craving royal court backstabbing colliding with sweeping adventure friendship forging bonds stronger than steel! Delicate princess Yona enjoys carefree palace life until cruel cousin Su-Won murders benevolent King Il seizing the throne violently. With only taciturn bodyguard Hak beside her, timid Yona flees seeking out legendary dragon warriors reclaiming kingdom.

Through electrifying journey facing ruthless enemies and political alliances fraying at seams, frightened damsel fully transforms into fiery queen inspiring loyalty remaking kingdom serving the helpless. And smoldering tensions with Hak ignite recognizing stalwart champion ever fixed at her side was soulmate all along!

Yona Of The Dawn remains criminally overlooked shonen gem delivering nonstop excitement while organically building cast bonds cementing over long-running stakes. Sink teeth into lavish fantasy realm awaiting thrilling overthrows!

46. Tsuredure Children - Youthful Fumbles Navigating First Love (2017)

Tsuredure Children

My favorite anime shorts reliably delivering belly-laughs alongside the occasional heart-prick tears has be chaotic ensemble skit series Tsuredure Children! Each episodes captures relatable mini-stories navigating the rollercoaster ride first crushes, dates, heartbreaks usual teenage romantic fare put magnifying glass.

Despite brevity allowing only snapshot instances relationship milestones, superb writing conveys familiar emotional touchpoints anyone struggled awkward phase stumbling romantically stuttering confessions. Giddy attraction swelling first kiss then fumbling communication threatening stable couples. Through laughter and tears, our ensemble experiences poignant epiphanies conflicts forging stronger bonds by the end.

If you enjoy checking relatability meters pinging watching other teens bungle romance milestones, give delightful Tsuredure Children short episode structure try! You’ll laugh, cry, cringe reminded our universal clumsiness seeking love.

47. Ao Haru Ride – Bittersweet Journey Reconnecting Lost Love (2014)

My love for bittersweet first love tales discovering feelings resurfacing years later remains unmatched! And Ao Haru Ride spoke deeply resonating heartstring plucking that sweet spot wonderfully. Futaba crush on aloof Kou in middle school meets abrupt end when he vanishes never reaching closure ghosting her. years pass carrying scars abandoning hope reconnecting.

But then high school brings Kou crashing back in her orbit reviving complicated buried emotions. Under sunny playboy facade Kou hides now, shadows missed chances regret cling stomach-churning refusing leaving either alone. Between light fluffy school life, Ao Haru Ride pierces painfully capturing anxiety longing desperately rewrite past wrongs still haunting today. Will second chance flourish hopes withering longing first bloom passion finally bridging years forced apart?

Don’t sleep on this gem beautifully mixing nostalgia and wistfulness lost loves leaves behind even reconnecting later down the road! Those potent bittersweet pangs speak deeply yearning hearts.

48. Monogatari Series: Second Season – Supernatural Mind Games Tangling Relationships (2013)

Anyone enjoyed Monogatari’s first electrifying entry definitely sign up continued paranormal adventures twisting tighter knots human bonds! With graduation deadline drawing closer, Koyomi balances precarious juggling supernatural case solving ever-complicating relationships colorful comrades depend upon.

But abrupt disappearance amidst timey-wimey evils plaguing town now spearheaded handling alone. New crimson-eyed klass president gatekeeps cryptic secrets behind the scenes. And tensions simmer erratically conversation partners frequently hopping between seductively playful and threateningly hostile leaving Koyomi perpetual struggle pin intentions down. Through scalding psychological battles plagued wandering hidden memories, the Monogatari franchise reliably hits exquisitely existential notes between signature avant-garde visual feast!

Prepare brain matter sizzling and heart unexpectedly moved witnessing labyrinthine tapestry human relations weaving inexorably this thrillingly enigmatic sophomore season pushing leads shadowy unexplored terrain promising heaviest emotional stakes!

49. Weathering With You – Finding Joy And Purpose During Tough Times (2019)

If you love stories capturing sentiment people forging meaningful bonds during turmoil beyond control, Weathering With You weathers storm delivering all the bittersweet feels spades! Struggling runaway Hodaka finds purpose becoming assistant independent Hina maintaining cloudless skies patrons relying sunny days livelihood.

But heavier burdens loom unraveling Hina's mysterious past binding weather worsening seemingly connected her mere presence. At what personal costs balancing slippery ethics providing literal ray sunshine benefiting some while environment crumbles? Through gorgeously rendered frames urban rain bursting brilliant sun rays piercing gloom, Weathering With You finds luminous beauty hoping against storms today foretelling clearer horizons coming.

Between climate change anxieties feeling politically helpless and recession woes upending financial security, this gem resonates millennials clinging tenuous optimism existence won’t stay bleak forever even now. If you crave cathartic parables uplifting low spirits, bask glorious aesthetic feast alongside!

50. Golden Time – Hilarious College Hijinks Layered With Melancholy (2013)

In many ways bittersweet college melodrama Golden Time feels spiritual successor Toradora’s massive rom-com footprint updating setting young adults navigating tangled relationships, mental health struggles alongside usual campus antics. Protagonist Banri arrives ready reinventing himself completely but traumatic memories fracturing identity refusing staying buried.

Enter Koko crashing wildly Banri’s world insisting they bond now soulmates fate clearly intertwined! Somehow her manic exuberance aggravates Banri’s amnesia acting unpredictably otherwise. And childhood friend Linda further complicates matters holding torch unrequited love Banri forgetting. Through manga panels intercut blending comedic levity and depressing frankness, Golden Time beautifully captures complicated transitionary early adulthood phase saddled disillusionment life rarely works hoped.

Stakes feel refreshingly realistic grounded recognizable adult fears around career uncertainty, drifting friendships, mental illness controls future weighing one down. If you love campus stories heavier emphasizing melancholy realities taking shine off carefree facades, Golden Time delivers hugely cathartic experience!

51. Inuyasha – Timeless Fantasy Action Romance (2009)

Ask animated fans mentioning seminal series etching hearts deeply decades later and surely Inuyasha sits among beloved crossover hits bridging demographics! This feast appealing both shoujo romance lovers and shonen action junkies interweaves demon battles royal court intrigues threatening divide titular half-demon Inuyasha belonging nowhere caught between worlds.

At least finding kindred outcast spirit kindhearted Kagome travelling far-flung warring states era makesInscapable solitude bit bearable. Through slaying monsters nefarious schemes endangering innocents together, initial iciness dismissively branding both alike ‘just humans’ forges unbreakable bond instead. And deeper desire slowly surfacing repeatedly risking their lives protecting another suggests far sweeter fates intertwining against all odds.

Through shadowy forests or treacherous castle vistas brimming supernatural surprises, Inuyasha promises breathtaking rollercoaster quest forging family ties where least expected. Let iconic theme song farewell tug your heartstrings diving this timely classic!

52. A Whisker Away – Exploring Identity Through Magical transformation (2020)

Imaginative middle grader romance with a supernatural twist? Whisk me away to fantastical feline adventures A Whisker Away! Our protagonist Muge pines her beloved classmate Hobi never noticing animated antics yearning his affection directed. But acquiring magical Noh mask gifting wearer shapeshifting cats now allows getting intimately close Hobi finally recognizing better self.

Through curiously sniffing daily life beyond human limitations, Muge savors newfound freedoms furry forms offer cracking previous social barriers. And Hobi confiding private moments to his attentive kitty company brings joy getting know real persona behind polite cover. But the longer Muge indulges temporary escape buckling self-confidence issues easier staying transformed not facing problems head-on.

Can Muge embrace complexities Owning full personhood without masks literal or metaphorical? With visually inventive frames masterfully contrasting showcase dude energy both feline and human worlds, A Whisker Away promises touching ticker through playful lens self-discovery never loses charm growing older.

53. The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Dark Supernatural Fantasy With Romantic Twist (2017)

The Ancient Magus’ Bride certainly delivers heaps creepy gothic ambience as titular Chise gets purchased apprenticeship marriage dynamic with inscrutable mage Elias! Her tragic background makes escape Faustian bargain all but guaranteed when offered. Gorgeous pastoral landscapes belying supernatural monsters raise stakes wandering into mystical alleys better left unexplored.

But Chise discovers founts kindness developing unlikely familial bonds various inhuman residents surrounding countryside manor. And Elias’ thawing humanity recognizing valuing Chise beyond transactional deal suggests even cursed chains fate weaves might twist into something life-affirming changing each other lives meaningfully. Through alchemical metaphor soul-baring and arcane unseen realms suffusing natural earthiness, this nuanced take adult fantasy romance casts thought-provoking spell questioning what constitutes true liberation after.

If you enjoy subverting expectations fantasy Allowing room moral complexity amidst coming-of-age crucibles, definitely take a chance heart savoring this unique gem!

54. Kiss Him, Not Me! – Geeky Guilty Pleasure Redefining Attraction (2016)

Finally capping favorite romance list, Kiss Him Not Me! reliably entertains through meta-commentary skewering popular otome tropes and caricaturing fujoshi fantasies simultaneously! After beloved anime husbando dies leaving protag Kae distraught, self-care break binging snacks morphs thin reserved wallflower unexpectedly hottest babe capturing male classmates attention finally.

But while they crush hard vying her affection selfishly, clueless Kae already doodles imagined BL pairings between the boys instead. Zany sitcom situations deliver big laughs watching poor Kae bewildering guys with obsessive shipper tendencies. But through preconceptions challenged and horizons broadened bit by bit, definitions desirable expand hearts transform slowly recognizing shared humanity beneath surface differences.

Despite madcap energy spoofing genre conventions, Kiss Him Not Me! brings welcome thoughtful lens examining personal bias what qualities spark attraction questioning tastes. And spotlighting again love comes myriad shapes sizes and orientations, with open heart embracing others complex selves.

55. Kuzu no Honkai - A Complex Web of Unrequited Love (2017)

Kuzu no Honkai

Oh man, Kuzu no Honkai takes your average high school romance setup and spins a complex web of unrequited love, questionable decisions, and supernatural hijinks.

The main hook here is that one fateful day, a group of friends suddenly start swapping bodies with each other. And I don't mean Freaky Friday style - I'm talking full-blown body and consciousness swapping!

As you can imagine, this opens up a Pandora's box of hilarious and awkward moments as these poor kids try to navigate high school while randomly slipping into each other's skin.

But underneath all the supernatural shenanigans lies a thoughtful exploration of complex relationships. Our main girl Hanabi has always harbored a secret crush on her homeroom teacher. But when her friend Mugi suggests pretending to date as a cover for their real objects of affection, things spiral out of control.

Kuzu no Honkai puts you on an emotional seesaw - you'll laugh at the body-swapping antics one minute and feel melancholic about unrequited love the next.

56. Hotarubi no Mori e - 45 Minutes of Magical Melancholy (2011)

Hotarubi no Mori e

Sometimes, a 45 minute film is all you need to pack a real emotional punch. Hotarubi no Mori e warmed my heart with its bittersweet story of friendship, young love, and learning to let go.

Young Hotaru gets lost in an enchanted forest and encounters a masked spirit named Gin. They strike up an unlikely friendship, meeting every summer at the forest.

As the years go by, their bond deepens into love. But they can never touch - because Gin will disappear if a human makes physical contact.

Director Makoto Shinkai delivers a fairy tale-esque story grounded in raw human connections. Hotarubi no Mori e fills your heart to the brim with all kinds of feelings - longing, joy, grief, hope, and the magic of innocent first love.

Keep your box of tissues nearby for this one!

Watch Hotarubi no Mori e

57. Spice and Wolf - Adventure Meets Playful Romance (2008)

For fans of playful rom-coms with memorable characters, Spice and Wolf delivers adventures paired with economic conspiracies. Oh, and a healthy sprinkle of pagan gods too!

Spice and Wolf follows Kraft Lawrence, a merchant traveling town to town, selling his wares to make ends meet. But his life changes when he comes across an injured pagan wolf deity named Holo.

Quick-witted Holo strikes a deal with Lawrence - she'll lend him her business savvy to increase profits in return for eventual passage back north to her homeland. And so begins their eventful journey!

Through new friendships, tricky trade negations, church politics, and even some kidnappings, Holo and Lawrence form an unshakeable bond. Their playful banter and simmering attraction warms this fantasy adventure from within.

Spice and Wolf is a breather between action-packed battle anime, offering intriguing economics, rich lore, and a heartfelt cross-species romance!

58. Lovely Complex - Comedy Gold Starring An Unconventional Couple (2007)

Lovely Complex

High school romance anime tend to focus on picture-perfect feminine heroines and their journey to win over some aloof heartthrob.

Lovely Complex throws that formula out of the window with its unconventional heroine. Spunky Koizumi Risa towers over her classmates at 5”7’ - highly unusual for a Japanese girl.

Making things even more awkward, Risa harbors a secret crush on classmate Atsushi Ootani, who barely clears 5”2’. Yeah, major height complex problems here!

What follows is a funny yet poignant exploration of young love between two ostensible misfits. Risa and Ootani’s comedy duo act melts away to reveal two kindred spirits.

And their madcap adventures trying to navigate a relationship where the girl is taller will have you chuckling non-stop! Lovely Complex is a rib-tickling ode to embracing our quirks and not letting societal expectations crush our spirits.

59. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun - Meta Humor & Lovable Weirdos (2014)

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun applies a fun meta twist to the high school romance genre. This show brims with self-referential humor about anime tropes - basically laughing in the face of cliches!

It all starts when our heroine Chiyo Sakura tries to confess her feelings to classmate Umetarou Nozaki. But hilariously, he mistakes her for a fan of his...because Nozaki is secretly a famous shōjo manga artist!

As they hang out more, Chiyo discovers the eccentric cast of characters inspiring Nozaki’s manga. From a clueless pretty boy to a hot-headed drama queen senpai and even a self-proclaimed rapper, everyone steals your heart with absurdist humor.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun pokes fun at romance anime norms with lots of heart. Fall in love with this zany cast as they get entangled in comedic misunderstandings aplenty!

60. Tamako Love Story - Childhood Friends Turned First Love (2014)

Tamako Love Story

Tamako Love Story tugs all the right heartstrings with its portrait of innocent first love. This movie continues slice-of-life darling Tamako Market’s story as the cast enters their final year of high school.

Shy Mochizou Ooji has nursed a crush on bubbly, mochi-loving Tamako Kitashirakawa since childhood. But when a new prince charming enters Tamako’s life, Mochizou finally resolves to confess before it’s too late!

Seeing Tamako and Mochizou fumble through first love takes me back to the exhilaration of high school crushes! It reminds you of the era when simply holding hands felt like soaring.

Tamako Love Story brings nostalgic warmth and soft, fuzzy feelings that stay snuggled in your heart long after.

61. Special A - An Adorably Fierce Academic Rivalry (2008)

Special A

Special A infuses shoujo romance with a fiercely competitive edge! Our protagonists Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima have been intense academic rivals since kindergarten.

While Kei ranks numero uno in scores, it drives Hikari crazy to always place second. She remains determinately obsessed with defeating Kei, fueled by a lifelong inferiority complex.

But as we get insight into Kei’s childhood loneliness and Hikari’s insecurities, their relationship evolves into something more complex. And the ultra-competitive Hikari finds it harder to ignore her growing feelings towards Kei!

Special A captures youthful passion and the poignancy of young love with endearing humor. Watch Hikari’s valiant attempts to ignore love in favor of defeating Kei academically for delightful laughs!

62. My Little Monster - Quirky Romance With a Giant Teddy Bear (2015)

My Little Monster just fills me with warm fuzzies and makes my heart swoon! What really won me over was the giant teddy bear protagonist, Shoya Takeo Gouda.

With an intimidating face and towering physique, Takeo looks like a gangster. But he’s actually a sweet marshmallow prone to rescuing kittens and senior citizens!

Our story begins when Takeo saves booksmart overachiever Shiro Yamada from a harasser. As an unconventional thank-you, Shiro offers to tutor Takeo in academics and they grow closer.

Seeing bad-boy looking Takeo fumble through a puppy love crush on brainiac Shiro just gives me the biggest smile. My Little Monster delivers a quirky high-school romance between refreshing oddballs!

63. Honey and Clover - Bittersweet College Life Melodrama (2005)

Honey and Clover

Many romance anime stick to high school hijinks but Honey and Clover explores college life and young adulthood. Its captivating character drama balances bittersweet moments with levity.

The story revolves around five college friends chasing their creative dreams - whether sculpture, graphic design or architecture. We experience the hilarious misadventures of dorm life, post-graduation job-hunting, career setbacks, and unspoken crushes.

Honey and Clover rings painfully true in portraying the uncertainty of early adulthood. The messy relationship triangles, career foibles, and pressure to have life figured out will feel all too relatable!

Beneath the laughs lies a sincere story about struggling through failure to find meaning and connection. Honey and Clover will reel you in with its flawed yet lovable cast facing grown-up realities head-on with teenage gusto!

64. Orange: The Heart-Wrenching Quest To Save A Life (2016)

Orange wrecked me emotionally with its urgent quest to save someone’s life, consequences be damned. On the morning of entrance exams, Naho receives a mysterious letter - from her 26-year-old self!

Future Naho pleads her to watch over the new transfer student Kakeru carefully for the next six months. This letter reveals Kakeru doesn’t have long to live and Naho might hold the key to preventing his tragic fate.

Thus begins Naho and her friends' emotionally fraught mission to alter Kakeru’s future. But the butterfly effect causes relationships and events to unfold differently than Future Naho’s warnings.

Orange crushed my soul as I prayed for Kakeru’s salvation while watching things spiral further out of control. Riveted by the suspense, I sobbed for hours after finishing this time-traveling tragedy. Orange reminds us the peculiar agony of making peace with “what ifs” and roads not taken.

65. Anthem of the Heart – Emotionally-Scarred Girl Learns To Love Again (2015)

At barely an hour, Anthem of the Heart delivers an emotional gut punch exploring childhood trauma and learning to trust again.

Our protagonist Jun Naruse stopped speaking as a child after her cripplingly blunt words tore her parents’ marriage apart. Years later dragged into a school musical, Jun faces her fears and opens her guarded heart once more.

Through the patient compassion of her friends and first love Takumi, Jun finds the courage to leave her silent cocoon. The musical becomes a creative conduit for Jun to process long-buried pain.

Anthem captures the struggle of overcoming childhood scars that shaped us with sensitivity. Jun’s journey to raise her voice and re-learn intimacy hit me right in the feels!

66. ReLIFE – Wonderful Thought Experiment About Second Chances (2017)

ReLIFE offered a poignant “do-over” experiment while tackling adult insecurities with humor. Arata Kaizaki is 27, unemployed, and wasting away his potential and abilities due to depression.

He gets the chance to reboot his life after becoming the subject of ReLIFE – a research program that makes him a 17-year-old high school student again! Arata must rediscover his passion and friendships while hiding his adult status.

As Arata re-navigates school social dynamics and first love, ReLIFE touches your heart and funny bone equally. It made me nostalgic about high school innocence but also thankful for adult independence.

By story’s end, Arata teaches us to believe in second chances while cherishing bittersweet memories. ReLIFE left my heart fuller while bracing me to face grown-up realities with rekindled determination.

67. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time – Heartfelt Time Travel Tale (2006)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time brings all the feels with its supernatural high school drama. For anime fans craving time travel escapism paired with coming-of-age feels, this one delivers satisfaction.

When tomboy Makoto discovers she can literally “leap” through time and prevent mishaps from occurring, she’s thrilled by her special power at first. But meddling with timelines has unforeseen ripple effects that jeopardize Makoto’s friendships and first crush.

With dazzling animation and a nostalgic ‘90s charm, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time balances comedy and heart-wrenching emotion perfectly. Makoto’s helplessness at watching her actions accidentally push loved ones away crushed me.

The movie left me sobbing but also contemplating missed opportunities and whether we can change fate. If you enjoy emotionally charged sci-fi like Erased, Steins;Gate or Your Name, don’t miss out on this classic!

68. Nisekoi: False Love (2014)

Nisekoi follows Raku Ichijou, a typical high school student who also happens to be heir to a dangerous crime family. Due to some wild circumstances, he's forced to pretend to date Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of a rival gang. Even though they can't stand each other at first, it's not long before sparks start flying between these two stubborn hotheads.

Throw in a childhood friend who secretly has feelings for Raku, the hunt for a long-lost locket and key, and several other quirky female admirers - and you've got a recipe for nonstop fun and laughs. Every episode of Nisekoi pulls you deeper into its zany storylines and offbeat humor. It's the ultimate feel-good anime to get lost in when you need a pick-me-up.

With its wacky love triangles, over-the-top comedy sketches, and bombshell plot twists, Nisekoi never ceases to entertain. I haven't laughed this hard at an anime in years! Whether you're an avid rom-com lover or just need something to brighten your day, Nisekoi delivers the goods.

69. Haganai: I don't have many friends (2011)

Kodaka Hasegawa is stoked to transfer schools, but bummed when everyone thinks he's a violent punk because of his blonde hair. A whole month goes by without Kodaka making a single buddy! But then he meets Yozora, a sassy girl talking to her imaginary BFF.

These two loners trade their sob stories of solo high school life and decide to team up. They form the Neighbor's Club - a chill place for the friendless to practice social skills and snag themselves some real pals. Soon they add a few more lovable weirdos like Sena, an anime fanatic who lives for dating sims.

What happens next is a bunch of hilarious hijinks as these social outcasts try to go from zero to friends! Their club is full of oddballs, but can it help Kodaka finally find his squad?

70. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (2015)

Ryuu Yamada just wants to turn over a new leaf in high school, but he soon falls back in with the wrong crowd. When he crashes into honor student Urara Shiraishi on the stairs, they accidentally kiss - and realize they can swap bodies by smooching! Whaaaat?

Things get even crazier when the Supernatural Studies Club hears about Ryuu and Urara's witchy new gift. Their eccentric leader Miyamura recruits the pair to help uncover the identities of six other magical "witches" at school.

Now Ryuu and his new club are on a wild quest to hunt down the mystical students of Suzaku High. But watch out - supernatural hijinks Ensue! With witches roaming the halls and teen drama at every turn, Yamada's fresh start just went up in smoke!

The Ultimate Wrap-Up

And there you have it folks - the best romance anime that deserves a spot on your watch list! From tearjerkers to comedies, high school fluffiness to supernatural drama, I've covered the entire genre gamut here. Have you watched any of these yet? Did I leave out your favorite romantic series? Let me know which one struck an emotional chord for you in the comments!

And with that, it's a wrap on this mega list highlighting 70 romantic anime. Tune in next time when I cover the top action thrill rides every anime fan oughta check out. Till then, happy binging my friends!

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