5 Best Rugby Anime You Simply Cannot Miss

Best Rugby Anime

I got a treat for you today! We are bringing you the ULTIMATE list of the most awesome, action-packed rugby anime that will have you yelling "Try!" at the top of your lungs. As a total rugby anime fanboy, I LIVE for these shows that capture the intensity, passion and non-stop excitement of the sport.

Rugby doesn't always get enough love, especially in Asia. But thanks to these incredible anime, rugby is scoring big points and gaining more fans across the continent! These shows tackle themes of teamwork, perseverance, strategy and good old-fashioned competitiveness that speak to the heart of athletics. Not to mention, they feature some larger-than-life characters who inspire us with their fire and drive to be the best.

So get ready for some scrum-tastic recommendations coming your way! Time for the anime that every rugby lover MUST see!

5. Number 24 - Finest rugby illustrated anime

Number 24

Kicking it up a notch is Number 24, an anime that delivers both emotional punch and nonstop rugby excitement. It centers around Natsusa Yuzuki, a highly-skilled college rugby player forced to leave the game for 6 months due to a freak injury. But Natsusa battles back fiercely to rejoin his friends on the pitch, ready to shake up college rugby with their underdog team’s passion and skill.

Number 24 captures the agony and ecstasy of competitive sports through dynamic relationships. Natsusa must grapple with self-confidence issues post-injury, inspiring viewers as he regains his love of rugby. Matches are depicted vividly shot-by-shot, pulling you right onto the field. Number 24 brings all the feels – along with some of the best quality rugby action animation out there!

4. Madonna - Leading Japanese anime about rugby


An underdog in terms of animation but with a standout story that scores big with heart. This anime comes at rugby from the coach's perspective, putting Makoto Hyodo (or Mako) in charge of a ragtag high school rugby club. Mako has to get these reckless teenage boys to channel their aggression INTO their gameplay instead of starting street fights, all while building a successful team.

It's an uphill battle but Mako is one determined coach! She pushes the team to realize their potential while also caring deeply about them as people. Along the way, Madonna brings humor, highenergy gameplay and valuable themes around mentorship. For a refreshing take told from the sidelines, give this anime classic a watch!

Watch Madonna

3. Eyeshield 21 - Quintessential rugby anime classic

Eyeshield 21

If you want an exhilarating rugby anime that also boasts great humor, look no further than Eyeshield 21! This iconic sports anime follows Sena Kobayakawa, a lightning-fast runner who becomes the titular mysterious “Eyeshield 21” for his school’s fledging American football/rugby club. Though undersized, Sena’s breakneck running talent makes him an asset on the field - and a secret weapon competing against rival schools’ powerhouse rugby programs!

Eyeshield 21 is simply a blast, using Sena’s hidden identity for plenty of comedic moments. It also celebrates underdogs exceeding expectations in the ultimate team sport. Matches are depicted with slick animation and palpable excitement. For a perfect blend of rugby action, determined spirit and laugh-out-loud comedy, you’ve gotta check out Eyeshield 21!

2. Try Knights - Outstanding rugby animation

Try Knights

Snagging our bronze medal spot is Try Knights, a rugby/sports anime gem that combines nonstop adrenaline with tactical intrigue. It stars rugby newbie Haruma Riku, who gets drawn into the fast-paced world of high school rugby after witnessing star player Kariya’s insane speed and agility. These two make the ultimate odd couple – Kariya has the athletic gifts without much strategy, while Riku understands gameplay tactics without the natural skills.

But together, they make magic on the rugby pitch! Try Knights captures the thrill of matches with dramatic energy. It also spotlights the importance of different roles on a successful team. Blending sports action with engaging interpersonal dynamics, Try Knights is a must-see!

1. All Out! - best rugby anime of all time

All Out!

Drumroll please as we reveal the BEST rugby anime of all time – All Out! If you want exhilarating matches, awesomely-animated training montages and some larger-than-life rugby boys, this anime brings it all. All Out follows two determined players - small in stature but big in personality and passion. There’s Kenji Gion, a fiery first-year high schooler itching to prove himself on the rugby pitch. And then there’s Sumiaki Iwashimizu, a stoic, super-sized second year looking to improve his skills.

Though different personalities, Kenji and Sumiaki have one big thing in common – their burning desire to take their losing rugby club to nationals! All Out captures the intensity of play, devotion to training and bonds made on a scrappy underdog team. It checks all the boxes for a fantastic rugby anime with depth. From the ambition to the action, All Out is hands-down the BEST of the best!

Did We Miss Any Must-See Rugby Anime?

Alrighty rugby fans, that wraps up our starting lineup for the top 5 ultimate rugby anime experiences out there! I can say as a longtime fan, if you watch all these shows, you will get your fill and then some of the rugby storylines packed with passion and excitement.

I may have missed one of your faves. If there is another fantastic rugby anime you think belongs on this all-star list, give me a shout in the comments! I am ALWAYS down to discover new shows to add to my binge-watching lineup (what can I say, I have a "try"-a-thon addiction!).

Now pick up that whistle and penalty flag, get your game face on and let the binge begin! These anime showcase everything we love about rugby – the eclectic characters, the high-stakes gameplay, and the battle between skill and strategy. From first-timers to longtime fans, these rugby anime scores big and remind us why rugby is the ULTIMATE team sport.

So get watching, join the fandom, and always keep fighting for that "Try!"

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