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Have you ever thought about tracking one's location? Have you ever been in a situation when you urgently needed to know where someone was but had no such opportunity? Well, we clearly understand there are those black sheep who have never had such problems. But if you answered "Yes" to both questions – a location number tracker could be the best solution.

Location number tracker

What Is Location Number Tracker?

Location tracker by phone number is a service that allows one to track a device without installing heavy-weight trackers. There are several situations when you might need to use it:
  • check where your phone is if you lost it;
  • track your children's location;
  • follow your loved ones everywhere.
The main advantage of such a service over tracking apps is its flexibility regarding the legality of use. You cannot install any applications on one's phone without their permission (unless you own the device); it is hard to imagine someone voluntarily agreeing to have a spy app on their phone. Location number tracker does not require installation, thus, you do not break any laws while using it. Profit and safety!

How a Number Tracker Works

Phone number trackers work via a person's mobile carrier network. Developing such a software solution is not easy, as no carrier will share their users' location info with strangers. That is why it was decided to make it voluntary: people get a tracking link via any messenger and decide whether to open it. The tracking service generates the link, and your task is to compose an engaging message to make a person open that link.

The Best Phone Number Trackers

Among all the variety of titles available on the internet, we can single out 3 that deserve your attention due to their features, price, and effectiveness.

This cell phone number location tracker operates in the way we described above. It works with all carriers worldwide and all brands and models. The main requirement is that the device has a SIM card and can receive at least SMS. 

Another point worth mentioning, and basically, it is the same for all number trackers, is your total anonymity. You do not provide your name or other data at any step of using this service. Thus, it is physically impossible for someone to reveal it.

Another great app for locating a phone number is LocationTracker. The principle of its work is similar to GEOfinder, but there are some differences in details.
  1. If you want to track someone with LocationTracker, upload a picture on their website that you will later send to the target, along with a tracking link.
  2. You get a tracking link generated by the service, and it is your responsibility to deliver it to the target device in any convenient or possible way: Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  3. The geolocation feedback takes some time and is delivered to your userspace on the website.


SpyBubble is not a simple location tracker by phone number; it is a phone spy with a whole bunch of features, one of which is that number finder. To use it, you must have an account, purchase a subscription, and get the credentials for your dashboard. The latter is the place from where you will use the tracking feature with no installation required.

Free Ways to Track a Cell Phone

Please note, we are saying "free ways", not "free apps"; most tracking solutions that do not require you to invest any money are either default features of different operating systems or some… life hacks (not sure how to call it in another way).

Ask the Police for Help

In case you lose your phone or your child disappears, and you urgently need to track them, the police can use the unique mobile phone identification number called IMEI to try to find the device. This idea seems obvious, yet people often do not think that officials are right to ask.

Find My Device

Both iPhones and Android have applications called Find My. Activate this service the first time you turn the freshly-bought phone on. Whenever you need to find it, log into your Google account or iCloud from your PC and check the location on the map. You will see where it is now or when and where it was the last time the phone was connected to the internet network.

Google Maps

Google Maps is often rated higher than all other GPS navigation apps, and even iPhone users often install this app from the brand's main competitor, Google, on their Apple devices. One of the useful features it has is called "Location History". Log into your account, choose the device, and check the last areas it was noticed.


Can phone number trackers compromise my number?
It is impossible simply because they do not know your number, you are not providing it at any stage of using a tracker. Similarly, GEOfinder, LocationTracker, or SpyBubble do not share your or your target's data with third parties.

When should I use a number tracker?
There is no rule on when you should use it, either to track your child, spouse, or employee. There are free ways to track a number, but there is often a catch. If you are suspicious or worried about a person – it is better to combine free services with a paid tracker for the best result. Luckily, they are not expensive and range from $12 to $50 a month.

Can an IMEI number be changed?
IMEI is a unique number given to every device in the production stage, so it is highly unlikely there is a way to change it. However, there are special tools that allow it to be done even though it is deemed illegal in most countries.

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