How to Promote a Website: Explained in Detail

how to promote a website

Today we are going to learn in full detail about. How to promote your website. So let's get started.

Getting guests to your site doesn't occur overnight. It takes a considerable amount of work and time. In any case, advancing your site doesn't need to be an overwhelming errand. 

Many of you have a blog but it's not getting much traffic like you want. So we will be discussing some techniques to promote your website. By that, your website will get millions of visitors per month. As a result, your revenue will increase, and also it will help you to improve your rankings in search results.

So here are some ways to promote your website.

1) Post on Social Media

Posting on social media is free you can promote your website through social media like if you use Facebook, and you have a good number of fans following on Facebook, then you can create a Facebook page for your website. What you need to do is whenever you write a new article on your blog. At the same time, you must post your article on your Facebook page.

So if visitors find your Facebook page interesting. Surely they will come to your site by that your website will get promoted as a result users will increase.

Not only you can promote on Facebook, but you can also promote your website on any social media that you use like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

For example, as you write your new article promote it on Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin like this you can generate some amount of traffic. 

These Social Media platform will also help you to rank high on Search Engines, So how? Let me tell you if visitors come to your website through Facebook any social platform, they will spend time on your website, because content you share on social media will be relatable to them, By that your website bounce rate will decrease, As decreasing in bounce rate your article will achieve a high rank on Google.

People will watch your page or profile related to your blog. If they find interesting surely they will come to visit your blog. You must use high quality of the image while posting an article on social media. The image must attract visitors to your page.

2) Promote through Quora

Now you guys must be thinking really can we promote your website through quora? So my answer is yes you can promote your website through quora. I personally do this to promote my website.

And the interesting fact about this is that really visitors come to the site. So let me tell you how you will promote your website on Quora.

Simply first make an account on quora. After creating an account, Search keywords on quora that are relatable to your website. After searching you'll see tons of questions and popular ones that are getting a lot of votes.

So you need to do is go into those popular questions and answer them, Make sure your answer must be helpful. And then give a link to your website downside.

So what will happen by doing this, people whoever will see your answer will come to know about you and your website, So simply when they are reading your answer and as they see your website link, Some of them will click your link that you have provided and then they will redirect to your website.

In this way, you not only promote your website, but You also created a backlink that points to your website.

And you must know daily millions of people visits Quora, So if your answer will be useful to them you will get thousands of visitors, even if your website is new and generating less amount of traffic by this you can increase your traffic also.

3) Google Forums

You also can promote your website through google forums, and repeat the same process like quora, Simply go to google forum and search for your interest and join the discussion group.

Answer people who have asked the question and help them to resolve their problem and insert your website link if your link is relatable to that question then surely visitors will come to your website.

4) Create Backlinks

Backlinks play a very important role in promoting a website. If you have enough content on your site, and your website is new and generating less traffic, then creating backlinks is a must nowadays to rank on Google.

As your backlinks increase your domain authority will increase as a result in increasing domain authority, whatever article you write will rank top on Google.

To rank top on google your domain authority must be above 59 and must have at least 299 backlinks on your article link.

If you have written good content and your website domain authority is more then 59 then thousands of visitors will come on your article on a daily basis.

If you want to know more about backlinks and wanna know how can you create backlinks in full details then click below link to see our other article.

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5) Writing Guest Post

Writing a guest post is on trending nowadays. First, I recommend you to write at least 75 to 80 post on your personal blog, then go for the guest post option.

Guest Post means you can write your article on another blogger's site by using guest post option. So you need to do is search on google guest post writing blogs or use this google dork Inurl:"/blog" intitle: "Guest Post" and paste it on google, you will get a list of blogs that allow Guest posting.

So you need to find a blog that gets millions of traffic and have domain authority more than 59, So how you will see how much traffic the blog is getting, Simply go to this website And then type the URL of the blog in which you wanna write a guest post. You will get each and every detail of the blog including how much traffic that particular blog generating monthly.

After you satisfied with monthly visitors simply go to that blog and start writing your guest post, and silently between guest posts insert a link of your blog, by that your website will get promoted and the audience will come to your blog.

6) Promote your website through Email Marketing

Do you get a lot of emails daily related to the promotion of any product again and again?, basically this is email marketing. Email marketing you can promote your website easily. Additionally, your website can be promoted by the best free press release sites.

So you need to do is just go to Google and type Email Marketing you will get many websites, find the best website that provides a good number of email that you can send for free, After that sign up on that website.

After signing up you can send thousands of emails daily in just 1 click. Before sending an email to create a good looking mail that allows users to click on it and also put a link of your website. So after reading your email users will come to your website.

If you send your email to 1000 people at least 100 people will come to visit your website daily.

You can daily send a bunch of email through email marketing, sending email daily will be limited, if you want to increase the amount of email sending capacity, then you can apply for a premium account on a particular website that allows email marketing.

This is a good way to promote your website.

Note:- As I care about my blog readers so here is a tip for you If your blog is AdSense enabled then don't use email marketing. Because this is against Google AdSense policy.

If you do affiliate marketing on your blog, then this trick is for you. This will also help you to increase your revenue.

7) Do SEO of Your Blog

In order to get more visitors, you must do SEO of your blog because SEO is a must nowadays without this you can't increase visitors on your blog, and also there will be no importance of promoting website if you didn't do SEO.

If you want to know how to do SEO we have written a detailed article about SEO and we have explained approximately everything about SEO. So if you want to know everything about SEO you can simply click on below link 

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So, guys, that's it for this post. By following all the steps which are mentioned above you can easily promote your website to a big extent. Take your time to comment on this article.


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