How To Create A Blog And Earn Money

How to create a blog

How to create a blog and earn money from it? This question may ever arrive in your mind. In this article, I will show you how to create a blog and how to earn a lot of money from it.

Creating a blog is as easy as eating a piece of cake. But earning money from it is a bit difficult, but if you go through our article then you will find earning money from a blog is easy too.

So let's get started.

how to create a blog

1. Open blogger on your internet browser

You can simply do this by opening your web browser and go to this URL:

How to create a blog

2. Click Create Your Blog button

Click - create your blog button. After clicking create your blog button it will redirect you to the sign in your Google Account page.
how to create a blog

3. Sign in with your Google account

Use your existing account to sign in and continue to blogger. If you don't have a Google account simply create an account by clicking the create account button.

how to create a blog

4. Enter The Title

After successfully sign in you will see the window to create a new blog then enter the title of your blog in the Title column.

You can choose any title you want. By the way, you can also modify your title after creating your blog.

For example, if your website is about technology then you may choose a title like this:- Perfect place for tech lovers or tech blogs.

In any case, if you can't see this window then there will be an option on your screen to create a new blog. Simply click on that.
how to create a blog

5. Enter URL In Address Field

After entering the title, You have to enter the URL of your website in the address field. This is a very important step because the address you will write will be the address of your blogger website.

If your blog address is already taken then you can select a similar-looking address from the drop-down list.

If you see a blue tick mark next to the address field then it means the blog address is available for you to go with.

If you want a fully qualified domain name like .com .in then you have to buy the domain from blogger. 

If you want a free website then you can create a free website with Blogspot extension.

If you want to earn more money and want your blog professional blog then you must buy .com domain.

how to create a blog

6. Setup Theme and Create a Blog

Select the theme which is right for your blog. There are many themes for the blog simply scroll down the theme section to see more.

If you don't like the theme that you applied on your blog then you can modify or select a new theme even after the creation of your blog.

There are many options for the theme to select. If you don't like the themes which are given in the theme section then you can download blogger themes from the internet and upload it on blogger.

If you are new in blogging then you must go for simple themes that are available for you on blogger.

After selecting a good theme then simply click on create a blog button to create your blog.

Now you are all set. Your blog is created.

Go to the blog address that you have created. You will see your blog. But it will look empty. Because of no post. Now let's see how to write a blog post.

how to create a blog

7. Create A New Post

Click on the left orange button that is showing above on the left side to create a new post for your blog. 

The blogger's new text editor will open this will allow you in the creation of a new post. I mean you can compose your post via the Blogger post editor.

how to create a blog

8. Publish Your Post

After clicking on the new post you will see the same screen as it is mentioned in the above image. This is nothing but a blogger text editor. 

First of all, you have to choose the post title. Choose a Title that you want to write about.

Then write your article in a big text box along with the images and with a good explanation.

There are many options available in a text editor. You can save preview and publish your article after getting completed.

There are some options in a post setting that you must know about.

Labels: It will allow you to choose a category in which you want to show your post.

Schedule: by selecting this option you can schedule your post. If you want to publish your post at 9 am and you are busy at this time. Then you can schedule your post to 9 am.

Permalink: This link is automatically generated by a blogger. However, you can customize your permalink if you want.

Location: Setting location for the blog post.

Search Description: Here you can add a little description of your post for SEO purposes. It is not necessary to add a search description.

Custom Robots Tags: You can select this option for whether you want to search engine includes your post or not in the search result. So please if you don't know about this option never touch this. 

After completing your article you can publish your post. Create your account on Google webmaster tools. From here you can add your post URL. By that search engine will include your post faster in the search result. 

Also, Google webmaster tools help you to increase website traffic.

Now your blog is created. You must add at least 25 posts after that you are eligible to monetize your blog.

how to create a blog

9. Monetize Your Blog And Earn Money

You can monetize your blog by Singing up on Google Adsense. Go to Google Adsense and complete the signing up process. After that, they will analyze your website it will take approximately 1 week to approve your website for Google Adsense.

In some cases, the website gets approved even in less than a day.

Note:- Your website must have 10+ well-written posts in order to get approved.

So you must write up to 10 posts before applying for Adsense.

After getting approved put google advertisement on your blog. By showing google ads on your website you can earn a lot of money. 

Keep posting Articles daily. If you want to be a success then don't lose hope. You can't start earning thousands of dollars in a day. It needs time to reach that level.

So you must keep posting in order to earn more money. You must also do proper SEO of your blog as well as post.

Earning from the blog is the best way to earn money online.

Another way of earning from a blog is to start affiliate marketing and sell affiliate products on your blog. 

If you are good at blogging than you can make a good career in it. 

If you find our article useful then take your time to comment on this article.

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