Three Apps To Keep Your Personal Business Private


It’s almost impossible to remain anonymous in today’s digital world. Although it seems impossible, it’s still achievable with the help of free or low-cost computer applications or apps. While it may not stop all the unsolicited phone calls or emails in your inbox, the apps can cut the deluge down to a trickle.

Why Do You Want Anonymity?

You don’t need nefarious intentions to want to remain anonymous when you go online. If you Google or request information be sent to your email inbox from a website, it’s almost a guarantee your email inbox will get flooded with other pitches for the same type of product.

You may even get a few phone calls because some industrious person managed to trace your telephone number from your email address. Try using these apps to regain some control of your private information.

Fax Information Privately

Although fewer people and businesses rely on fax machines to send and receive information, faxing itself is still useful for sending important documents that are required immediately.

However, if you don’t want to receive unsolicited faxes or buy a fax machine, you can send your information via an e-fax or electronic fax. This kind of app allows you to send a fax to anyone that can receive one without using a telephone number that traces back to you.

To find a fax app to use, Google Fax Online to find an online faxing app to send personal or business faxes.

Send Emails Privately

If you don’t want your inbox flooded with spam, consider getting one of the many anonymous email services that are now available. While many of them only offer premium accounts that you’ll need to pay for, there are free services as well.

One free service that helps prevent spam in your inbox is ProtonMail. They are a free email service based out of Switzerland, a country with strict privacy laws.

With this email app, you can send emails to colleagues, clients, or anyone else and not worry that your email address will be sold to third-party marketers.

If you're someone in your company that works with financial data, you also won't need to worry that your emails will be intercepted and read. ProtonMail protects its users' information by encrypting emails.

Also, you don’t need to give out any personal information when you sign up for an account, which makes all your communications anonymous.

Privatize Your Computer

If you want to ensure your electronic communications and private information is protected and you don't want to download apps, get a VPN.

Most Virtual Private Networks or VPNs allow you to send encrypted emails, protect your private information, and even allow you to watch entertainment from other countries.

While some VPNs are free, they may sell information to third-party marketers, which allows them to offer free services. You can also sign up for a VPN for a nominal fee every month and enjoy the benefits that you get with it.

While a few VPNs are offering these services, one of the best is PrivateVPN. They're in Sweden, which has strict privacy laws. This company does not keep logs of their client's data, and they also offer encryption for $8.99 per month. They offer discounts when you buy multiple months of the service.

If you search the internet, you’ll be able to find other services that will provide the anonymity that you’re seeking. If you don’t want to have to worry about spam in your email inbox and securing your private information, these three apps can help you maintain your privacy online.

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