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Do you lose your phone repeatedly, or Is your phone stolen? Recovering your device is very simple and quick with the IMEI number you can find my device with IMEI phone tracker TheWiSpy.

In this guide, I will show you how to find my device with IMEI. IMEI number executes simply for you to search and detect a stolen smart device.

Losing a smartphone can cause disturbance for someone who has critical information or data in it. Therefore, if someone lost their phone, it would be tracked immediately. Mobile manufacturing companies create IMEI numbers for every cell phone, so anyone can follow their lost or stolen mobile by using that IMEI number. Besides that, it allows you to navigate your smartphone.

Attaining your Android device has never been simpler. The IMEI tracking number has made it easier for you, & you can spontaneously;
  • Find My Device with IMEI
  • Discover a lost, stolen, or missing device, whether it belongs to you, your mate, or your kid.
  • Keep checks on a missing or lost device with live locations. When and where the lost devices have moved, you can easily track that location.

An IMEI Number:

The IMEI number is used to recognize smart devices. This significant number is fixed for each device. Therefore, every mobile user must note it. Based on this figure, you can review some information about the device, i.e., its trademark or design.

If anyone loses their portable device, reach the assistance provider and ask them to tackle the issue. By obstructing the IMEI number, no one can grasp your device. You can also track the IMEI number to locate your lost or stolen phone.

How does the IMEI number work?

The IMEI number has various goals, like recognizing its producer or discerning if anyone has ever listed it as stolen. IMEI numbers also help to blocklist devices, so they don't work or execute them worthless if stolen.

Purposes of IMEI Number:

The IMEI number of a device assists many purposes. The primary information that an IMEI number contains is all regarding the device. IMEI number can access the Model, brand, and specs of the device. By using this number, a user can glance at what the device is deemed to do.

IMEI numbers are significant because they can help track down and save snatched and lost phones. With every association your phone does, your IMEI number is assigned to the provider.

IMEI number has a few vital objectives:
  1. Firstly, it helps navigate the phone and guide it to the local reciprocities so that you connect to a nearby tower. 
  2. Secondly, the IMEI number gives a secondary advantage in that it's simple to locate where it made the last connection. In this situation, you can surely obtain a lost or robbed phone. 
  3. This 15 digit number is often used to locate missing people, and the calls made from their devices are used to track their movements.

How to explore the IMEI number of your device?

IMEI numbers can expose all device information. These include the date of production, Model, brand, and features. There are numerous resources for identifying IMEI numbers let discuss the few ones here:

Resource 1.

Dial *#06# via Mobile:

One can easily find or locate their lost cell phone with the help of an IMEI number. All you need to do is Dial *#06# from your phone, and you will have your IMEI number on your screen.

Resource 2.

Printed on the Device Box:

Secondly, the box of your mobile phone has an IMEI number anywhere. So find an IMEI tracking number by examining the number on the box of the device.

Resource 3.

Find the Number through the Settings:

  • You can verify the IMEI product from the settings of your phone
  • Open settings.
  • Find the "About Phone" option.
  • By clicking on About phone, find the "phone status" option.
  • IMEI number will appear on your screen.

Google-Find My Device with IMEI Number:

If you have added a Google account on your misplaced Android phone, Find My Device lets you lock, discover or erase data from the lost or any stolen cell phone. When you attach your Google description to your telephone, it switches on automatically. You can effortlessly find your lost and stolen phones through Find My device with IMEI.

To locate, lock, or delete data of an Android phone, that Android device must be/have:
  • Switched on.
  • Sign in to a Google Account.
  • Joined to wi-fi or cellular data.
  • Live location switched on.
  • FML switched on.
Further on, you can find your device by using distinctive tracker apps. A mobile tracker application is a tool that enables you to track the activity of a mobile phone, including call logs, text messages & GPS locations. Mobile tracker applications are used by guardians to track their kids to have a keen eye on their phone's activity for their security. Companies also work tracker apps to watch their employees' activity while serving. Let's now find how to track phone location by using the IMEI number.

How to Track Phone Location by using IMEI?

Use a tracker app or IMEI tracker so you'll be capable of tracking down your device utilizing the IMEI number. If you're unable to locate the phone, you can permanently delete it and secure it using "Find My Device." which means at least your corporeal data will outlive harmlessly.

How to Track IMEI numbers with TheWiSpy?

When looking for a phone tracker app, you must first check its features to know its services. One of the top-ranked apps is the TheWiSpy Android monitoring app, which works for phone tracker, parental monitoring & many more. In addition, it has many advanced features that are not available on its competitive apps, like keylogger and 24/7 instant alert traits. TheWiSpy has 30+ specifications that offer quality results.  Let's get more insights on TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy - Android Monitoring App:

If you frequently lose your phone or your Mobile gets snatched, tracking your phone is the best option you could avail. Furthermore, you could track your kids' or workers. In addition, you can monitor call history, geo-fencing, GPS locations, track phone contacts, and spy on-device media. Through the TheWiSpy IMEI tracker app, you can find your lost device location, monitor social networking apps, and much more. The best thing about TheWiSpy is it offers 24/7 activity alerts and activity logs, helps you in locating nearby areas.

Salient Features of TheWiSpy:

A qualitative Android tracker app enables you to reach tracking peculiarities that check every activity of the target device. 

TheWiSpy's features allow parents to view their kids' mobiles and restrain their online spaces. Another fantastic feature of TheWiSpy enables you to lock and shut down your target device remotely. Isn't it incredible?


Call Recording:

TheWiSpy's call recording permits the user to hear the conversations of the ones using your target device. In addition, you can remotely monitor and hear the recorded files.

Camera Tracker:

Online access to the camera facilitates you to capture and record the surroundings of your target device for the sake of protection and safety.

Tracking Text Message:

Text message monitoring is the most appealing feature that every user desires. Through it, you can read all the text messages and monitor them fully. In addition, it also provides you with the contact information & timings of messages.

Track GPS location:

Through GPS tracking, you can track real-time locations. The app traces all the visited places. You can locate your mobile phone and find where it is.


TheWiSpy has another rich feature that enables applicants to mark saved and danger zones - geofencing.

Screen Recording:

Suppose you're concerned that your phone data will be hacked. The TheWiSpy app screen recorder enables you to monitor the screen of your targeted device.

Surround Recording:

With the TheWiSpy app, you can listen to nearby sounds. Moreover, the user can turn on the device's microphone remotely.


It helps in knowing all the written words on the keyboard by the target device.

Other Features:

  • Hack phone contacts.
  • Monitor saved photos.
  • Microphone access.
  • Video recordings.
  • Wi-fi logs monitoring.
  • Indirect access to the target device.
  • Web browsing history tracking.

How to Start Tracking Your Target Device?

Let's investigate what you should do to start tracking with TheWiSpy:
  • Get the TheWiSpy Subscription.
  • Download TheWiSpy app.
  • Start tracking the Location from the Control Panel.


It offers three bundles for Android monitoring.
  • Basic:  The monthly license is $19.99.
  • Premium: The monthly license is $29.99.
  • Platinum: The monthly license is $49.99.


The TheWiSpy Android tracking app is highly versatile with all Android devices.

In a Nutshell:

Losing something can be traumatizing, but when it comes to your mobile or secret information, you must be a little smart to protect it. IMEI tracker number helps you save your data and information by remote tracking & locating your device immediately. Other than this, The best cell phone spy app such as TheWiSpy helps you recover your lost device's data. The TheWiSpy app is the top-ranked tracker app, So, if you are looking for a free tracker app for Android, you must give it a try!

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