Features of an Excellent B2B Marketplace

Features of an Excellent B2B Marketplace

B2B marketplaces are becoming more popular every day because they offer a fantastic platform for businesses to market themselves and sell their goods or services. Many of these platforms provide amazing features that allow merchants to trade with ease. It is estimated that by 2024, B2B marketplaces will hit sales of around $3.6 trillion.

Smartphones and mobile devices have revolutionized our everyday lives. Today, many people prefer shopping online instead of visiting physical visiting stores. This is one of the main reasons behind the exponential rise in popularity of B2B e-commerce platforms. As a business owner, you need to properly leverage this trend and start selling your products through a B2B marketplace and make great sales figures.

When looking for the best B2B marketplace or thinking of creating one, the platform must make it easy for potential customers to browse and find the products they are looking for quickly without difficulty. Here are some of the excellent features a B2B marketplace should provide.

Customer support

A B2B marketplace without good customer support is as good as dead. Buyers want any issues they have to be resolved quickly and satisfactorily This means that a B2B marketplace should support convenient ways for customers to get in touch.

One of the common means of customer support on B2B marketplaces is customer service web forms. Through these forms, buyers can report any problems they have experienced which can later be followed up and addressed by the B2B marketplace agents. Get more helpful hints here on what other forms of customer support can be included in a B2B marketplace.

Call to action (CTA)

After users learn about a B2B marketplace, it should not just end there. It should have a call to action inviting potential customers to either shop now or sign up to the webpage. A B2B marketplace with a call to action helps build trust with potential customers and invites them to explore and check out the various products available on the platform.

Several business web pages have some catchy CTAs like “get a quote now” or “order your eBook now”. These phrases provide a means through which potential customers can take action after briefly browsing through your website. For instance, Alibaba one of the world’s leading B2B marketplaces uses the call-to-action phrase ‘contact supplier’.


When customers are browsing a B2B marketplace webpage, especially for the first time, not all of them have time to explore the entire website. That is why a good homepage is crucial as it brings all details together into one page. Here customers can see the various categories of products they can buy from a webpage without having to browse through everything.

The homepage should explain the purpose of the B2B e-commerce platform. A homepage is the first page that users land on when they access any B2B marketplace and will provide the first impression a potential customer has. It should include important links like an About Us page, product categories, and reviews.


Many business owners look toward B2B marketplaces to enhance whatever services they are providing in any field. All of them are looking for a B2B marketplace that will meet their expectations. To meet those expectations, a platform must have the above-mentioned features. There are several other important features a B2B marketplace should have and all these all contribute toward making a platform even better.

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