Geofencing for Parental Control: Alerts, Benefits& More

geofencing for parental control app

Young children and teenagers are curious and adventurous and like to move around. They can be at home, school, in a park, or at social functions. They would like to play and run around the vicinity. The children's activity concern the parent as it becomes a task to have eyes on your kids. The kids could wander far and might worry the parents. But technology has become advanced. Now there are ways for parents to ensure safety for kids with GPS-based location trackers or spying apps. The latest in the offering is a Geofencing for parental control software.

What Is Geofencing?

What Is Geofencing

Geofencing is a technology that helps to establish imaginary boundaries around geographical areas. The design of the software is such that it gives a notification anytime the monitored child enters or leaves these predetermined areas. It is a parenting tip to create many Geofence areas for the kids around the home, school, or anywhere else. The Geofence app will send real-time alerts when the child enters these areas.

How does Geofencing work?

To manage Geofencing and keep track of the child's movements, the first requirement is a Smartphone with a GPS location system and internet connection. You must install the app with Geofencing features on which you should create virtual perimeters for areas. As the child enters and leaves these virtual boundaries, the device owner gets a notification. But the child’s device also needs to have Geofence enabled and work with Geofencing software on the parent’s device.

What Is Geofencing Alert?

Geofencing alert

A Geofence alert is a triggered alert that allows parents to monitor the child’s activity. Instead of constantly watching their map, the parents get alerted whenever the child’s device crosses a Geofence. Parents can also get Geofence with timestamps, to let them view previous activity after it has happened.

1. How To Get a Geofencing Alert on an iPhone?

Almost all smart phones like iPhone have GPS. If your kid has an iPhone, download and install Geofencing software. Or you can get the Find My Friends app from Apple. Once you install the app on both devices, you can follow the below steps to set up a Geofence:
  • Launch the Find My Friends app and send an invitation to your kid
  • Accept the invitation and set a pass code
  • Launch Settings and turn on the notifications
  • Click on the kid’s name in the Find My Friends app on the iPhone, and check the option - Notify Me
  • Choose if you wish to get a notification when the kid leaves or enters the Geofence area. Geofencing iPhone is set up.

2. How To Get a Geofencing Alert On Android Phone?

Google Latitude is not compatible with Geofence, but android users can use third-party Android apps with the Geofence feature. TiSPY is the best Geofencing app that lets the received alert when the device leaves a safe area. Geofence is a powerful feature for child safety. You need to install the TiSPY app on your android phone and your kids’ phone. After this enable location and create a Geofence around the child’s designated areas. You will get an alert when your child tries to leave these areas. Setting Geofence helps to track the exact location time with the time. It monitors exact time and place and allows tracking of real-time locations. You can also get location-related information and view location history and keep an eye on the routes of the target person. TiSPY is one of the most trusted and downloaded parental control apps for android users.

How Geofence Helps Parents

1. Set Safe Zone

set safe zone using geofence app

The GPS tracking system or Geofence system helps parents in monitoring their kids with designated Geofence. If parents set a Geofence then whenever the kids leave these safe zones like school, home, or playground, the app triggers Geofence alerts. Such apps can help parents to manage their kids. It also prevents intentional or unintentional dangers for the kids by keeping them on watch.

2. Mark Danger Zones

If you don’t want the kids to be in an area, then you can set up a triggered alert. This will help the parents to know when the kid exits a Geofence. This can help you protect your kids and improve their visibility for the kid. Thus they can be alerted before entering a danger zone.

3.  To Track Vehicle of Child

track kid’s vehicle using geofencing app

If your kid must travel in a vehicle like a school bus or a taxi then set up a Geofence around these sites. This will help to track vehicles. Parents can avoid any dangerous situations using Geofence alerts that can increase their tracking efficiency.

Monitoring and protecting kids is the need of the hour. Choosing the best parental control apps like TiSPY helps parents to do this. The Geofence feature enables parents to create Geofence areas and send instant notifications. These apps have a real-time GPS tracker to keep a tab on kids’ movements. Thus it becomes much easier to monitor your kid’s activities and keep kids safe. So choose a good parental control and Geofence app to stay stress-free about your kid.

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