Best Python Projects For Beginners With Source Code


Python is everlasting and always trending programming language among students and developers. There are many reasons to learn the Python programming language. Python syntax is easy, and its codes are short compare to other programming languages. Python has thousands of libraries that help you to develop machine learning, data science, data visualization, applications, and more. Looking for an Online Code EditorFlutch is one of them.

New to Python programming? You must try to code beginners level Python Projects or study the source code of Python projects to see what kind of code is used and how they are created. But before doing this, watch some books and videos of Python programming to increase your knowledge. Programming skills can be increased by creating projects. Python is the best programming language for automation, and there are several reasons to choose Python for automation.

If you are a complete beginner, You must know what python is used for? However, Web developers might be interested in the best Python web frameworks for beginners. Looking for the best Python projects for beginners with source code? You are at the right place. Here we have listed some best Python projects that you must try once.

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Python Projects For Beginners With Source Code

1. Rock, Paper, Scissors Game

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a popular game that almost every student, youngster, and aged people had played in their life. This game is also available in the Python language. This could be the best project for beginners to start with. In this game, you will get a better understanding of if-else statements, functions, and while loops.

2. Mad Libs Generator

Mad Libs Generator is a game that is usually played by kids. The game can be played virtually on the devices that support python. It is fun to play and also the best project for beginners who just step into the world of Python programming. The program asks users to enter the set of inputs. After entering all the inputs, the program will arrange your inputs into a story that would be fun to read. This project will give you knowledge about the basic concept of python and Tkinter.

3. Tic-Tac-Toe

Have you ever played this game on the last page of your textbook while sitting on the last bench during school days? Tic-Tac-Toe could be a great game for passing free time. But making this game in Python by adding your own mind could help you to increase your coding skills. This game can be created in Python language by using some mind and Python code. This project will increase your knowledge of variables, loops, functions, range, and conditional statements.

4. Python Website Blocker

As the name indicates, This program allows you to block unnecessary websites from popping up or browsing. Everyone knows that a malicious website can harm our system by installing unknown software without our consent. A great way to get safe from the internet is to block such sites. Several site blockers are available on the internet. You can create your own by using Python. You can either run the Python script manually by clicking on it or simply schedule a daemon and let the script run once the computer starts. Download its source code from the below link to get an idea about the Python website blocker. 

5. Alarm Clock with GUI

Alarm Clocks are always useful in the life of every human. An alarm clock wakes you up at the exact time you set in it. To master Python programming, you should work on a project like this. This is an intermediary project that contains libraries like DateTime and Tkinter. Tkinter library will provide you a GUI, while the DateTime library lets you set the current date and time in 24-hour format.

6. Snake Game

Creating small games like Snake, Tic tac toe could be fun for a beginner-level programmer. This could be the best project for newbies who are interested in creating games using Python programming. The snake game is a basic game you might have seen or played during your childhood days on old Nokia or Samsung devices. The same game can be created in Python just by writing 150 to 170 lines of code. In this project, you will learn the basics of pygame, sys, time, and random libraries.

7. Calculator

The calculator is the most important thing every human needs in their daily life. A calculator helps us in solving simple maths without putting extra effort or mind. This program comes in almost all devices, But if you just started a career in programming, You must know how a basic calculator can be created by using just 20 to 25 lines of code. Create your own calculator in Python by using the source code from the below link.

These are the best Python projects for beginners with source code. You can download the source code of these projects from the given download links. You can increase your Python programming skills to get a better job. You might be interested in the best Programming languages for getting a job.

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