Anonymous Voice Changer App for Android

Anonymous Voice Changer App

There are millions of apps available for Android Anonymous voice changer app is one of them. Nowadays, several people are interested in changing their voice through a voice changer. Anonymous voice changer apps have gone far beyond in terms of changing voice. These apps allow you to change your voice into an Anonymous hacker voice. Anonymous voice changers can be used for many reasons, but it is generally used for pranking a friend or while playing multiplayer video games that support voice functionality.

What is an Anonymous voice changer?

Anonymous voice changer is an app that can change the tone or pitch of the user's voice. A Voice Changer can modify your voice in real-time. Voice changers are used to prank your friends, At the time of live streaming, and so on. Some advanced voice changers can add delay, reverb, and other effects to your natural voice. These apps work in real-time, you need to speak, and your new voice will be generated in real-time.

Anonymous voice changer app for Android

Are you Searching for the Anonymous voice changer app? You are at the right place. In this article, we have collected some Anonymous voice changer apps for Android devices.
  • Voice Changer - From AndroidRock
  • Voice Changer Audio Effects - From OnePixel Studio
  • Voice changer with effects - From Baviux
  • Video Voice Changer FX - From Bizo Mobile
  • VoiceFX - From MOBZAPP
  • Squeak Voice Changer - From Halaska
  • Super Voice Changer - Handy Tools Studio

1. Voice Changer - From AndroidRock

This Anonymous voice changer contains numerous voices and sound effects, including the Anonymous voice. You can record voices to prank people. The app work great with no issues. The only disadvantage of this app is, It can't change voice in real-time. First, you have to record audio and apply an effect to it. You can also load existing audio to apply numerous sound effects. It is simple to use. You can generate fantastic and funny sound effects with a single click. You can also save a newly created voice to your device for free.

Features of Voice Changer:

  • It has more than 40 sound effects.
  • Store saved audio files, and play them anytime you want.
  • Prank your friend with Woman/Man/Anonymous voice.
  • Fewer advertisements.
  • Free to use.

2. Voice Changer Audio Effects - From OnePixel Studio

The user interface of this app is well-mannered, and it is one of the best-looking voice changers in terms of the user interface. The app contains more than 25 sound effects. Just like other voice changers, it can record your voice in possible high quality and apply cool realistic sound effects to it. After adding the sound effects, you can Save recordings, Set them as ringtones, Set them as notification sound, Set them as alarms, and save them as mp3 or WAV. This program is easy to use and can deliver excellent voice effects.

Features of Voice Changer Audio Effects:

  • Create a voice from the text.
  • It has more than 25 effects.
  • Share recordings to social media or a different app.
  • Set the modified sound as a ringtone.
  • The simple and futuristic design you would love to see.

3. Voice changer with effects - From Baviux

This free Anonymous voice changer is popular among other voice changers on this list. The reason we said that is because it crosses more than 100+ Million downloads on the Google Playstore. It contains more than 40 sound effects. That many voice effects are enough to satisfy the needs of an average user. The working procedure of this app is somewhat similar to other voice changers. Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends. It also allows you to import audio files from your audio library. The app is free to use.

Features of Voice changer with effects:

  • It comes with more than 40 effects.
  • Let's you make and save sound effects.
  • It's free and you only have to watch ads to activate a new voice.
  • The app is very light and easy to operate.
  • All the effects work perfectly.

4. Video Voice Changer FX - From Bizo Mobile

This voice changer is slightly different from the voice changer in this list because it allows you to change the voices in a video. All you have to do is choose a video file from your phone storage and choose an audio effect inside the app you want to apply. It has voice effects like Anonymous (alien), echo, squirrel, spaceship, and more. The only disadvantage of this app is it has fewer sound effects. If you are interested in using this app, You can download it directly from the Google Play store. It also allows you to share the modified video.

Features of Video Voice Changer FX:

  • Easily apply sound effects to your videos.
  • You can switch between the effects at the time the video is playing.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • It is downloaded by 1Million + users on the Google Playstore.
  • Funny sound effects.

5. VoiceFX - From MOBZAPP

It is another excellent anonymous voice changer for Android devices. It lets you modify the voice with the help of several voice effects. It can instantly record your voice and transform the sound in real-time while talking on a live stream. It also allows you to export and save the recorded voice. You can set the saved file as a ringtone. You can also load the whole music file to apply voice changer effects on it. This app is best for YouTubers or content creators looking to change their voice during the live stream. You can try this app out by downloading it from the Google play store.

Features of VoiceFX:

  • Record and change voice by applying several effects.
  • Save the recorded voice as mp3.
  • Add the recorded voice as a ringtone.
  • Apply Voice effects on songs.
  • Change voice in real-time.

6. Squeak Voice Changer - From Halaska

Recording and transforming a voice into something funnier is made easy by Squeak Voice Changer. Whether you want to tell a joke to your friend or share your funny voice with them, you can do with the Squeak voice changer. All you have to do is click the record button and choose the available effect to transform your voice into something Anonymous. This app also allows you to share your voice recordings on social media. This app is excellent for a reason because in-app purchase in this app is cheap as compared to other voice changers. This app also gets frequent updates.

Features of Squak Voice Changer:

  • Share your modified voice on social media.
  • In-app purchases are cheap.
  • Easy to record and modify the sound.
  • Several voice filters to choose from.
  • Fun to use.

7. Super Voice Changer - Handy Tools Studio

Shock your friends by applying great voice filters through this voice changer app. This app can make you sound like a robot, an alien, a cartoon, and more. It has almost all the voice effects user needs in a voice changer. Like other voice changers in this list, this app relies on the advertisement. The only disadvantage of this app is it doesn't provide paid ad-free version. This tool is easy to use. It does all the voice-changing jobs, like other tools on the list. Because of its easy interface, You don't need any previous experience with the voice changer app to use this app.

Features of Super Voice Changer:

  • The app is simple to use.
  • Record voice with various effects, and save them.
  • It has everything that a user needs in a voice changer app.
  • Fun and useful app.
  • 5 Million + downloads on the Google Play store.


These are the best Anonymous voice changer app that offers several functions to change your voice into something funnier. All the apps are available for free on the Google Play store. These apps are trusted by millions of users on the Google Play store. You can download any voice changer from the list that suits your personal and professional needs.

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