9 Best Batman Games for Android

Batman games Android

Yo Batman fans, listen up! We're gossiping about the 9 Best Batman games for Android right now. The Dark Knight has some sick mobile games that every fan needs to check out. I'm talking killer graphics, and dope gameplay - the full Bat experience.

Let's just say Bats have been bustin' heads since 1939. The dude's got gadgets, a brooding personality, and some serious martial arts skills. No wonder he's been the OG superhero for decades!

Naturally, Batman games kick ass. And these days, more and more of them are coming to our Android phones and tablets. That means taking Gotham City with you 24/7. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Top 9 Best Batman Games for Android

Alright, enough hype, let's get into the article of the best Batman android games out there!

1. Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins

The Arkham series rules. Killer stealth, brutal combat, and a ton of Batman lore. Arkham Origins takes it back to Bats' early days. It's Christmas Eve and eight deadly assassins are hunting him down, including Bane, Deathstroke and others.

You get a huge Gotham to explore with side quests and collectibles. Gameplay has you mixing fighting with detective work, using Batman's gadgets. If you want a serious Batman story with awesome gameplay, Arkham Origins needs to be on your phone, no questions asked.

The graphics and combat in this game are crazy good. Exploring Gotham feels like you're seeing the authentic city Batman really lives in. The different assassins you battle like Deathstroke really make you use all of Batman's skills too. Overall, Origins just nails the vibe of being the Bat.

  • Roam and explore a massive Gotham City
  • Feel like the real Batman with sick combat and stealth
  • Battle iconic villains like Bane and Deathstroke
  • Be the World's Greatest Detective and solve cases
  • Unlock new gadgets and upgrades for Batman

2. Batman: The Enemy Within

This is an episodic adventure game from the geniuses who brought us The Walking Dead. It focuses on Bruce's inner struggles as both Batman and his civilian identity. There's a violent new enemy, The Riddler, and Batman's #1 nemesis The Joker also returns.

With branching storylines and tough choices, The Enemy Within really captures the psychological side of Batman. If you want a game that's like playing through a gritty Batman flick, this is it.

Having the Joker toy with Bruce's mind is wicked tense. The Riddler's deadly puzzles will push your brain too. You really feel like you're lost in Batman's dark twisted psyche. And shaping his origin story gives you chills. This ain't no kiddie version of Bats.

  • Gripping storyline with choices that impact the narrative
  • Experience the psycho mind games of Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker
  • Match wits against the mysterious and violent Riddler
  • Investigate crime scenes and make tough calls as Bruce Wayne
  • Feel the weight of your decisions in shaping Batman's origin

3. Batman - The Telltale Series

Like The Enemy Within, this Telltale game throws players into an interactive Batman film. It reimagines Bat's early days with a deadly new threat preying on Gotham's wealthy. Your decisions alter relationships with characters like Alfred, Catwoman, and Commissioner Gordon.

With stylized graphics inspired by classic Batman comics and the ability to put your own twist on the Bat, this is a must for fans who want the interactive movie treatment.

The stylized look of this game pulls you into the pages of a Batman comic book. Making choices as Bruce Wayne that change relationships with his allies adds drama. It's so sick to steer Batman's origin story in your own way. This captures the vibe of the classic animated series to perfection.

  • Rewrite the Dark Knight's origin story to your liking
  • Build different relationships with Alfred, Catwoman and more
  • Gorgeous graphics inspired by the best Batman comic books
  • Unravel the mystery behind the Children of Arkham's sinister plot
  • Put your own spin on Batman's persona through your actions

4. Batman: Arkham Underworld

Batman Arkham Underworld

For a totally unique experience, Arkham Underworld lets you become the villains! Recruit lethal rogues like Two-Face, build diabolical lairs, and defend your turf against rival baddies and the Batman. It's like a management sim where you're orchestrating all the chaos and crime in Gotham City.

Every Batman fan knows it's his villains that complete the mythos. In Underworld, you can finally play as the baddies and strategize how to rule the criminal underworld yourself!

Playing as the biggest rogues in Gotham is crazy fun. Building devious traps to stop Batman feels so evil and satisfying. Running your own crime syndicate gives you insight into how screwed up the villains' minds really are. This flips the script and lets you get your inner Joker on!

  • Take control of Batman's most devious foes and build a criminal network
  • Create unique traps and security systems worthy of Gotham's top villains
  • Manage and defend your turf against rival baddies and GCPD raids
  • Recruit and lead fan faves like Harley Quinn, Two-Face and more
  • Outsmart Batman himself as you dominate the criminal underworld

5. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

Based on the smash 2012 flick, this game features an original story set during the movie timeline. With awesome 3D graphics and visuals straight from the film, you're getting a gorgeous mobile version of Gotham City and Batman's gear.

Controls are perfect for touchscreens and let you pull off fierce combos and stealth takedowns. Missions range from mercenary brawls to silent predator sequences. For Bat fans who want to dive into the world of Nolan's epic trilogy, this is a cash money experience.

With the graphics ripped right from the films, you really feel immersed in Nolan's universe. The controls are super intuitive for mobile too. Beating down thugs and stringing them up from the shadows will make you feel as badass as Christian Bale's big screen Batman. This is a wicked addition for any fan of the movies.

  • Experience Gotham City recreated from the hit 2012 Batman flick
  • Perform tap and swipe combos and stealth takedowns as Bats
  • Battle mercenaries and take down enemies from the shadows
  • Freely explore Gotham City as Batman or Bruce Wayne
  • Dive into an original new storyline set in the movie's timeline

6. DC Legends: Fight Super Heroes

DC Legends lets you build your ultimate DC dream team! Collect Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman, Superman and more. Figure out their special abilities and strengths to make an unbeatable squad, then take them into PVP battles.

With RPG progression, gear to equip, and fighting game-style battles, DC Legends gives you an amazing mashup experience letting you unleash a tricked-out Batman on your rivals!

It's crazy fulfilling to assemble your own custom Justice League. Leveling up Batman, giving him new gear, and boosting his skills is tremendously fun. The combat feels like a fighting game too. Whoever said the Justice League needs Superman? With your maxed out Bat squad, you can crush any threat in the DC Universe! This game is a comic book fan's dream.

  • Collect legendary heroes and villains like Batman and The Joker
  • Build the ultimate DC dream team with your favorite characters
  • Enter PVP and PVE game modes to battle other players
  • Level up heroes, upgrade their skills and equip new gear
  • Initiate flashy combos and special attacks during fights

7. Injustice 2

Expanding on the original hit, Injustice 2 has insane matchups like Batman vs. Black Manta, Hellboy or the Ninja Turtles! The gear system lets you deck out each character in dope costumes and buffs for millions of possibilities.

With console-level graphics and cinematic super moves, Injustice 2 brings nonstop DC action. Can your maxed out Batman take down Superman himself? Get this game to find out!

The graphics look so crisp, it's like you're playing a console game on your phone. Customizing Batman with different gear to match your playstyle is super addicting. And the roster is stacked! Who doesn't want to see Batman battle TMNT? This game is nonstop adrenaline if you want to geek out with DC dream fights.

  • Huge DC Comics roster with insane matchups
  • Customize characters with costumes and stat-boosting gear
  • Unleash ultimate versions of fighters with epic upgrades
  • Enjoy console-quality graphics and cinematic super moves
  • Tap and swipe to perform combos in hard-hitting battles

8. LEGO Batman Beyond Gotham

For a fun all-ages take, check out LEGO Batman. Over 150 DC heroes like Green Lantern and The Flash get the LEGO treatment. Stop the evil Brainiac from stealing cities with the Justice League!

Goofy LEGO versions of the heroes, silly humor, puzzles and co-op play make this a delight for Bat fans of any age.

The LEGO makeover gives this game a hilarious slapstick vibe. Co-op play lets you team up and take down baddies as Batman and Robin. Solving puzzles and exploring as LEGO Batman is silly fun. This is perfect for sharing laughs with kids, family, or friends - a LEGO Batman game night!

  • Experience a fun and humorous take on the Batman universe
  • Unlock over 150 goofy LEGO versions of iconic heroes and villains
  • Explore colorful alien worlds as the Justice League
  • Solve puzzles and beat levels in LEGO style
  • Play with friends and family.

9. Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us

This fighting game gathers Batman, Supes, Wonder Woman, The Joker and more for visceral brawls. With console-graphics and voice actors from the classics, you'll feel like you're playing an episode of the Justice League show.

Customize fighters with the gear system then punch and kick your way to victory. Both casual and competitive players will find a mode to enjoy.

These fights are legendary - imagine Batman throwing hands with Bane! The graphics and animation make it feel just like the Justice League show. Customizing Batman with gear to match your battle style is so sick. Whether you mash buttons or are a fighting game pro, the modes fit anyone's skill. This game is a DC fan's dream battle royale!

  • Duke it out in visceral battles with DC's biggest heroes and villains
  • Master fighting game controls tailored for touchscreens
  • Deck out and customize each fighter with gear for extra skills
  • Stunning console-graphics and animations straight from the comics
  • Battle casually or competitively with a variety of game modes


Well, there's our list of the best Batman games for Android in 2023. From Telltale story adventures to Lego romps to gritty brawling action, there's a Bat game here for every kind of fan. Snag one or all of them and put that power of the Dark Knight in your pocket! Stay vigilant out there, Gotham City!

So whatever you’re feelin’ - comedy, action, drama - there’s a Batman mobile game here for you. Snag one or all of them and put that power of the Dark Knight in your pocket! Gotham City needs you - it's time to wear those cowls and strike fear into the hearts of criminals!

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