10 Best PSP Horror Games In 2024

Best PSP Horror Games

The PSP's custom hardware and multimedia features enabled terrifying, intimate horror experiences on the go. Iconic franchises and daring new IPs pushed boundaries with graphic content, controversial themes, and innovative mechanics like co-op. Though production ended in 2014, these landmark titles left a legacy still enjoyed on PlayStation devices and rereleases.

Here are 10 Best PSP Horror Games to Play in 2024:

1. Manhunt 2 (2009)

This stealth-based psychological horror title from Rockstar Games continued the savage violence of its predecessor. As an amnesiac asylum escapee named Daniel Lamb, players enacted gory executions while unraveling dark truths about his identity.

  • Stealth-based psychological horror from Rockstar Games
  • Play as Daniel Lamb, an amnesiac inmate fleeing an asylum
  • Gory executions and extreme violence
  • Mature storyline exploring a fractured psyche

2. Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (2007)

Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles

Konami compiled three definitive Castlevania experiences in this critically acclaimed (9/10 OPM) package for PSP. The highlights were an enhanced port of the esteemed TurboGrafx-16 title Rondo of Blood and a rare portable version of fan-favorite Symphony of the Night.

  • Collection includes Rondo of Blood remake, original Rondo, and Symphony of the Night
  • Additional levels, cutscenes and voice acting for Rondo remake
  • Highly influential "Metroidvania" side-scrolling action platformer formula
  • Varied gothic fantasy monsters and environments

3. Silent Hill: Origins (2007)

Silent Hill: Origins

Serving as an unsettling prequel to Konami's landmark psychological horror franchise, Origins impressed with its dedication to the early games' disturbing themes and foreboding atmosphere.

  • Prequel following trucker Travis Grady's ordeal in the cursed town of Silent Hill
  • Highly faithful representation of early Silent Hill tone and mythos
  • Iconic disturbing creatures and puzzles return

4. Obscure: The Aftermath (2009)

Obscure: The Aftermath

The sequel added local wireless cooperative multiplayer to the formula, having players band together as students to escape a deadly infection at a cursed college campus. Teamwork was necessary to outwit powerful creatures and solve puzzles.

  • Cooperative multiplayer survival horror with 2 player support
  • Take on humanoid mutants as students at a cursed college
  • Emphasis on resource management and team strategy
  • Unique character abilities encourage coordination

5. Infected (2005)


This run-and-gun shooter put players in the role of an immune officer single-handedly clearing New York City of a zombie outbreak. The campaign spanned 40 missions across iconic environments with tons of weapons and explosive arcade-style action.

  • Third-person shooter focused on slaying zombies
  • Large arsenal and constant run-and-gun action
  • 40 missions set across highly detailed NYC locales
  • Challenge modes and local PSP multiplayer

6. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (2010)

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Shattered Memories offered an imaginative psychological reinterpretation of the Silent Hill mythos without combat. Analyzing the player's profile using psychotherapy between stages, events and environments transformed based on unconscious fears and anxieties.

  • Creative psychological profiling system alters narrative
  • Emphasis on evasion over fighting twisted creatures
  • Atmospheric exploration and challenging puzzles
  • A reimagining of the landmark original Silent Hill

7. The 3rd Birthday (2011)

The 3rd Birthday

This third entry in the Parasite Eve franchise continued the apocalyptic adventures of heroine Aya Brea. Players controlled soldiers on the battlefield using Aya’s Overdive ability while unraveling the mystery behind the series’ mutated creatures.

  • Blend of third-person shooting with RPG strategy mechanics
  • Manipulate time by possessing soldiers as Aya Brea
  • Lavish, cinematic visuals and massive set pieces
  • Sci-fi story ties to prior Parasite Eve games

8. Corpse Party (2011)

Corpse Party

Using disturbing atmosphere contrasted with cute retro visuals, this horror RPG trapped players in a haunted school with vengeful ghosts. Carefully exploring bloodstained halls and avoiding deadly fates took priority over combat.

  • Pixel art style belying extreme blood and gore
  • Story branches based on dialogue/exploration choices
  • Emphasis on puzzle solving over fighting
  • Multiple endings incentivize replay

9. Death Jr.

Death Jr.

These absurd horror platformers granted players demon-slaying abilities as Death Jr., the son of the mythical Grim Reaper. The sequel expanded variety and gameplay depth.

  • Hack-and-slash adventure platforming combat
  • Goofy characters and darker humor
  • Stylized cartoon horror aesthetic
  • Collectible cards and upgrades

10. MediEvil: Resurrection (2005)

MediEvil: Resurrection

A launch PSP title, this remake introduced Sir Daniel Fortesque, an undead knight protagonist resurrected to defeat an evil sorcerer. While comical rather than frightening, its crude skeleton humor and Gothic fantasy setting charmed critics.

  • Remake of PS1 hit MediEvil with updated graphics
  • Hack-and-slash action through haunted medieval environments
  • Signature crude British humor
  • Goofy undead knight protagonist


The PSP during its lifespan fostered acclaimed horror experiences once confined to home platforms. Its legacy of risk-taking, boundary-pushing virtual terror remains accessible for vintage handheld enthusiasts today. Contemporary gamers continue benefiting through HD remasters on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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